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Surgery Update: Week 3

Week 1 post surgery had me just working from home and little by little having the leg worked as much as normal as I could make it.  Went to the surgeon for my one week follow up, and he finally cleared me up for non-weight bearing exercise as tolerated and for PT.  Good because I had been on the bike since Day 4, ha. My knee has been improving exponentially with each day.  The first week at PT was nice and the exercises were good enough for me to improve without being sore all the time.  I also restarted Pilates and little by little, the adjustments went away. Then, at the start of Week 3, around Day 14, the PT told me to not forget my running shoes because we MIGHT head to the TM for some running.  I felt like Darla from Finding Nemo when told Piranha is a fish, just like your present... There is no better present for an injured runner than being told they could run.  Ha. Did two PT sessions last week with some warmup run/walking at 2:2 ratio on their TM.  She als

Surgery Week 1

Since I wanted to have surgery as soon as possible so I can get back to running as soon as possible, my surgeon squeezed me in at the end of January, January 31, to the exact, for the surgery.  I rushed to get everything ready with work and whatever tests I needed it, and was happy to have gotten a date a week after my consult.  No time to waste, ha. Surgery Day This surgery would be solo.  Hubby couldn't take the day off to stay with me and, although my dad offered to come, the surgery was really no big deal, so I didn't think it would necessary to screw everybody's schedules off.  My neighbor/friend Sheryl could either drop me off or pick me up, and hubby would do the one she couldn't, so we arranged everything well.  Hubby stayed with me until it was time to leave for work and I was sent to prep for the surgery at around 8:15am.  I was put into the preop room maybe by 8:30am, but I have no notion of time since I had no Fitbit, watch, nor my iPhone.  Sheesh!