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RnR San Diego Marathon RR

On Sunday, I ran the RnR San Diego Marathon.  This was to be my backup marathon if Paris failed to give me the results I wanted but a lot happened between Paris and this race to made me change my mind.  I ran it for fun but still running a strong race, finishing in 4:46:32 on a hilly course.  Very happy with that. Long version: So, as you know, I ran the Paris Marathon after a great training cycle, hoping for a huge PR.  In the end, I ran it with what ended up being high BP (my readings were at the 158/90 to 165-95 ratio), a migraine from the BP, and an asthma attack.  So, coming in at 2 seconds from my PR was really good.  Yet, I was disappointed.  Once again, the asthma stroke after months of not even being an issue.  But, marathons are like that because, well, MARATHON. Anyway, I used the week post marathon to recover, running low miles and getting back on the horse soon thereafter.  My training for the 5 weeks after Paris went really well, except that (1) I had to run