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Chicago Marathon RR

Wow.  So much has passed since I started training I don't know where to start.  In fact, 2019 has been a roller coaster of the kind I've never experienced in my 44 years of life. The year started out with a government shutdown and me having to work throughout the shutdown for 35 days straight without pay and basically sick the whole time, all while trying to train for the Houston Marathon.  It was no surprise that when I started Houston, I quit within 1/2 mile because I felt drained of all my energy, cold to the bone and unable to breathe. The shutdown ended and I started trying to get better but it took weeks until I did.  We decided to defer the Myrtle Beach Marathon to get better (and my husband had hurt his calf so he wasn't running much either), and rather concentrate my efforts into the Glass City Marathon and the Wisconsin Marathon.  Training went OK on my new TM but I never felt like I had kicked whatever ailed me since December.  When Glass City started, I fel