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Chicago Marathon Training Week 3

I was very excited to start this week of training because it would be my first 50 mile week in a few weeks (it's been a while since I have felt good enough to run that much).  Last week I finally felt strong enough to train hard and was looking forward to the two quality workouts I had this week. The first two workouts were done on the treadmill, mostly because Miami has been having a heat wave for the last few months and the last few weeks have suffered from heat indexes in the 100s all day long, so I knew running outside every day was dangerous.  Unfortunately, the treadmill gait made my knee swell a bit so I moved my rest day to Wednesday to rest for my first quality workout of the week, the Thursday MLR (Medium Long Run for the non-runners).  This was to be 10 miles with the middle 6 progressive (each mile faster than the last).  I ran before I start working (I work from home on Thursdays) and even then, the heat index was above 90F.  But fortunately, the sun was covered i

Chicago Marathon Training Week 2

This week I felt more like my old self.  I am still behind on the paces but getting there.  All my runs felt great, even through the horrible heat and humidity that has been here for what seems like forever.  The weather is still hideous and it makes me think Summer is never going to end but some days show me that the 90s (rather than the 100s) are just a day or two away. Or so I hope! The heat and humidity on Monday left me a bit disappointed and I was expecting treadmill runs every day (Monday being one of them), but fortunately it rained most afternoons which lowered the heat indexes from 100-107F every day to something in the 90s (and way more manageable).  So, I was able to run every run outside except for Monday's. This week was also my second straight week doing at least 4 days of cross training.  The two private Pilates sessions I am taking a week are a given, but the other two days I wanted to add were done and with great success.  I used to leave cross training o

Chicago Marathon Training Week 1

Sorry I have not posted in a while.  Things kind of spiral out of control since my last post.  Where should I begin? After my last half marathon with hubby (Michelob Ultra 13.1 Chicago), I went back to marathon training in earnest for the San Francisco Marathon.  Initially, training went well and I was able to keep my mileage at 55mpw.  But since Summer has been here in full earnest for months, the temperatures were brutal and the humidity as well, so I had to make do with the LRs being partly on the TM.  But I still hit a 20 miler and a 19 miler.  Then, close to three weeks prior to the race, work went crazy.  I had to lower down my miles substantially and I thought, good, tapering at last, ha.  Up to the week of the race, I felt fine (tired, but fine), then, I got sick the Monday of the race.  Exhaustion, headache, joint paint, maybe a fever.  But I was so busy at work, I could only take Monday afternoon off.  So, I was unable to rest as much as I needed.  I felt fine by Wednesd