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Change of Plans

After finishing Week 9 of marathon training, DH and I discussed whether I should travel for my marathon or not. Space Coast is 3.5 hours away and on Thanksgiving weekend. After much discussion, I decided not to run it. BUT...the Palm Beaches Marathon is a week later. So, I've signed up for my second first full marathon. December 5!!!! Which gives me an extra week. After Sunday's slow 16 miler, I had to take a massage. My hip, groin, and lower back were horrible after traveling to SC, Orlando, and home. The massage was painful but necessary. I feel better. So this week I decided to take the extra week, do a cutback week and run a tune up 10K race this Sunday. Wish me luck. My last 5K (two Sundays ago) did not go well because of my cold.

Doubles Galore

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I was planning on doing doubles while on training because of the time constraints. I did the same workout on Wednesday of 4.5 TM miles in the morning and 5.5 outside miles in the afternoon. I changed the route and this was kicked my behind. But 11 miles of hills for the week was not that bad. Thursday was a traveling day and the training started earlier. So, I woke up a little early and finished 4.75 TM miles before training started. I was not sure whether I would be able to run that night because of the traveling. I almost missed the run but I was able to do another 4.25 to finish a 9 miler for the day. My legs are very tired today after three sets of doubles and it's raining (what else is new in Miami, LOL). So a rest day is the best option.

Week 9 - I'm back Doing Doubles

I'm on a training for most of the week in SC. This place is hilly but it gives me the opportunity to run hills which I don't have in Miami. However, since most of the coworkers go out to dinner and have fun, I know I cannot run 9-10 miles in the afternoon without missing on all the fun. So, I am doing doubles this week. I've done them before and I thrive on it, except at home I have to wake up too early to do them. AM run - On the TM as I'm not familiar with this area at night. Finished 4 miles in 45:26 and walked an additional 0.50 to finish. PM run - I ran up to the hills. Temps were 93 (10 degrees hotter than Miami) but the humidity was just 34%. Oh, awesome. I've found out that I'm not affected by the heat, but the humidity is a killer for my body. That's just me. I ran hills and HILLS and finished 5 miles in 55:17, which is great considering I RAN HILLS! And I've not been able to hit that pace on flat Miami unless the temps are 80 or less

Still Sick

I feel better but I'm definitely not 100%. I had scheduled a 5K race on Saturday as a tune up race, being that my last 5K was before marathon training started (July 4th). It was a disaster. Not really, but I definitely did not run on pace. My chest was all tight, my HR was up, and I even walked part of Miles 2 and 3. My PR is 27:51 and this was was 30:42 (one of my worst). So I knew coming into this Sunday's 20 miler that I may not be able to run 20 miles. I did not. I cut it at 15 and I walked part of Miles 14 and 15. The body is still tired from work, sickness, etc. Hopefully I'll be back on track by next week.

Getting Sick During Marathon Training

I have not posted for days and it's because I've been SICK! I knew that on Friday, when I hyperventilated during the run. I blamed it on the heat and it was partly the heat, but it was also the fact that I was getting a cold. I finished my 8 miler on Sunday on pace and everything but by Monday morning something was wrong. I had a fever, and was so tired. I even had a sore throat, symptoms my husband had since Thursday. I had to work because I had to do a deposition, so I went to work and came back home after it was done. I went to work on Tuesday although I should not have and by Tuesday night I was worse, if that's even possible. Wednesday was another go to work come back home day, and today is the first day I feel fine. I did not run until today, so my 50+ mile week is gone. I ran today at the park with the running group. My goal was to do the scheduled 8 but was happy with anything above 1. The first mile went fine so I continued. I finished 5.10 and decided t

Listening to your Body

This week is still too much. We finally got back to the house after the house tenting. We've basically moved out and into the house within a 24 hour period. Lots of work. I'm not well fueled and not well hydrated either, so I was reticent to run tomorrow. Did my 7 miler very slow (long run pace) and during the run I came to the realization that I'm not ready to do my second 20 miler. This week has not been good for the body, I'm not physically ready even though I am psychologically. So, I'm switching tomorrow's 20 with next week's 8 and hopefully next week will be back to normal. That's why listening to your body is always important.

Week 7 Still Sucks

Life is too funny sometimes. But next time, do the comedy the week after a 20 miler, not the week of. So after my tire issue, Wednesday did not go better. A friend was coming for a visit and she told me the wrong flight time. I could have run in the morning but since she told me wrong time, I did not. No biggie. But then, when I got home, the termite tenting was a sure thing, so I started making reservations, planning and packing for Thursday. So no run on Wednesday. Thursday was a little better. Temps were nice and I was able to meet the running group for my run. 8 wonderful miles at pace. Then, packing and moving to a hotel for the tenting. Cats would remain home until tomorrow morning and we were to transport them today. That did not go well. They were too nervous, the heat outside the house and no breakfast. My head was pounding by the time I went to the hotel! I did not even hydrate well. Ugh. So the temps are high again and I decide to run outside. HOT! I was b

Week 7 Starts with a BAM!

Literally! I got a flat tire today. It figures this week is not going to be an easy one. Yesterday I did kickboxing for 1 hour and weights (arms and shoulders) for another hour. I did not sleep well and I'm still sore. Spent half of my day in court and the rest catching up with work. As I was coming home, I hear a noise under the car (must've been several nails that fell from a truck or something). I did not hear anything else so I thought nothing of it. Then, as I was leaving for my group run tonight, I noticed I had a super flat tire. I knew it was that noise. So it's 6:30pm, I managed to put air on the tire and as soon as I stop I hear the hissing sound of the tire going flat again. I drive to the tire store and made it in time before the flat appears again. I ended up buying a new tire, but get home too late to run my full scheduled run. As I head out with my ipod (I have not run with the ipod for days and I miss it), the thunder and rain arrive. So at Mile 1

The End of Week 6 - A Semi-Bonked Long Run

It was bound to happen as I mentioned last night. A couple of good runs to get my confidence back and then BAM! Horrible runs. Today was like yesterday; stomach issues, heat, lots of other problems. Schedule said 16 and I finished 15. I should have continued but after wanting to quit at Mile 7 and in fact stopping several times to start walking home but prevailing, I decided to give it up and leave to fight another day. Today, the temps soar again. It was cooler in temps but very high in humidity. These are the stats during the run: Start Time: 5:55 AM Temps: 79F Heat Index: 83F Humidity: 87% Dew Point: 74F Mile 7: Temps: 81F Heat Index: 87F Humidity: 89% Dew Point: 75F Finish Time: Temps: 86F Heat Index: 96F Humidity: 70% Dew Point: 75F Good thing the stomach was quitting because I was running in a pool of sweat that stained my floor every time I came in to refill my water bottle. Overall, I'm proud I stuck with it as far as I did. No soreness

Day 39 - A Bad Run

It was bound to happen. With all these great runs, one was bound to be bad. I had a 7 miler scheduled today with 3 mile repeats. Since I'm doing a 16 miler tomorrow and this speedwork was supposed to be on Thursday, I did not want to damage my long run by running too fast. I started with 1.50 miles of warmup, then I did 3 miles @ GMP (10:21mm). By then, the wheels fell off. My stomach was hurting, I had no energy, and it was HOT. The temps went up considerably compared to the previous days, but I did not realize how much until the middle of the GMP run. I finished 1.50 miles cooldown and cut the run short. Too many issues. So, considering all the issues, I was glad I did the 3 miles on pace. I could barely hold on between the stomach, the heat, etc. Now off to hydrate for tomorrow's 16 miler.

Day 38 - The Weather Continues to Cooperate

It's still hot, but not as hot as last week. My runs have been going well. I took yesterday off for non-running reasons, so I was itching to go out today. So off I went to do an easy 8 miler. Temps were at 88F but the humidity was way lower. The sun was still high in the sky (we live to the West of Miami), so it felt hot. But I could tell it was not as hot as last week. First mile was again slower than pace but as soon as I finished the first mile, the second one went drastically faster. I was running on sidewalks today because I left the complex and there is no way I'll be running on the streets on an avenue with the most angry drivers in the U.S. I run on the street everywhere here except for big avenues, just because there are no sidewalks. Oh, well. Stats: Temp - 88 - 82F Heat Index - 99 - 90 Humidity - 67-90% Dew Point - 76-79F Goal Pace - 10:56 - 11:26mm Actual Pace - 10:58mm

Day 36 - Back to Back 9 Milers?

I was a little concerned about my schedule for this week. A 20 miler at the end of Week 5 and then back to back 9 milers on Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday's 9 miler went great but today I felt tired and sore. So I thought this would be a 2 hour extravaganza but it did not turn out that way. I started very slow and it seemed I would not be able to get faster. First mile was at 12:25, second mile at just 12mm. But then, the legs went ballistic and gave me 7 straight miles of sub-11mm. I can feel the temps go down a bit and the humidity has been low lately. So I'm finally running on pace. Thanks weather. Please keep going down until March. Stats: Temp - 84F Heat Index - 90F Humidity - 57% (amazingly low) Dew Point - 70F (lowest we've had in a while) Goal Pace - 10:56 - 11:26 Actual Pace - 11:11 A little slower than yesterday's but considering it was almost 7 degrees hotter and I was tired from yesterday's 9 miler, I think this run was a hit.