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RnR Chicago Half Marathon - The Road of Missed Marathons, Brain Tumors, and Life Turned Upside Down

So, our next adventure was the RnR Seattle, my next marathon.  We were ready and all but had been tired for work and other stuff, so not sure if we were looking forward to this trip.  Then, the day we were leaving, we couldn't find our check in information.  My husband, sigh, had booked the wrong date and we were scheduled to fly there the next month (*facepalm*).  So, it was partly a relief that we did not have to travel that particular weekend and we were able to cancel everything and reuse the tickets for our next race. So, on we continued, with me starting to train for the Iceland Marathon.  Then, on July 8th, my husband went to get a CT Scan and found he had a giant brain tumor.  It was a shock to see the picture of his brain with fist + ball inside of it.  It was a tough weekend for us, and we spent it calling doctor friends (being a doctor has its privileges, I guess) and getting consultations with brain surgeons ASAP.  Fortunately, we were 99% sure it was a benign tumo

Flying Pig Marathon Race Report

Still running behind in reports, woohoo!  SMH.  Here is the one for the Flying Pig Marathon in May, 2016. Hubby and I added some new states this year that included WA, OH, and even Iceland.  However, for reasons I'll explain in the next report, we never made it to WA or Iceland, but we did make it to Cincinnati for the Flying Pig Marathon and HM.  The city was really fun and we loved it and could see ourselves living there.  It is vibrant, somewhat small (smaller than Miami) and the people are very nice.  Kudos, Cinci! The race was fun, but hilly.  I had already decided I was going to walk all uphills and run the rest (like I do in San Francisco), but there wasn't many flats (hint: none) and more uphills than downhills, so there was some running but not a lot. We arrived in Cinci on Friday night and we went straight to the hotel to rest.  We stayed at one of the flag hotels which was around 1/3 of a mile from the start and that was great.  We had to drive to the ex