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2016 Miami Marathon (Ahem, HM)

I have done the Miami Marathon & HM for numerous years and never had a great experience.  It is always hot, it always has me puking or suffering, or something, and my PB for the full is 4:52 (HM PM there is 2:18).  So, it's a tough race for me.  So, I am not sure why I signed up for the HM last year during the blitz because hey, running it again would be crazy. But, I did.  And I was considering switching to the full depending on the weather.  And the weather went from yucky, to OK, to PR weather.  So, I asked to be switched to the full and started my taper the week of. I was looking forward to running in the 40s instead of the 80s.  As you know, my marathons in 2015 were all warm and I know I am faster than those results showed, but I never had the chance to run in perfect weather until now. Since the days have been very windy, I chose on a camisole and a skirt, with my bolero and gloves for the start.  The windchill was 39F when I got to the start line and very windy, t

Dopey Challenge RR: Four Races Powered by Alcohol, Krispy Kreme Donuts & Mtn Dew

When Mary and I ran the Disney HM while we were both doing the Goofy Challenge around 3 years ago (Half Marathon on Saturday and Marathon on Sunday), we had such a great time and formed such a strong bond that we have become great friends.  During the race and afterwards, we started the idea of planning to do the Dopey Challenge, which consists of a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, and the Goofy (HM and full), to complete 48.6 miles.  This is the end result of what started that day in January. First, we needed to wait until both could do it.  There is no use one doing it without the other, especially since I wouldn't do it by myself and Mary had to plan for the right time to come down from the Midwest.  Second, we needed to plan outfits.  There is no doing Disney for fun unless you have outfits.  Third, we needed a plan.  From how we would run the races, to how we would plan the week (food, drinks, parks, etc.).  Knowing my husband would not want to spend the whole week in Orl

Looking Back at 2015

As we start a new year today, I wanted to look at my running 2015 year.  Lots of things, both good and bad, happened in 2015, but overall, it was one of my best running years.  I hope 2016 can be even better. When 2015 started, I was dealing with some asthma issues, caused by a moldy cabinet in my office.  By the start of January, I was feeling much better but still dealing with some coughing from it.  I was not running much, though, partly because of that and partly because of laziness.  That is why I love to have a coach to push me and force me to run.  Because otherwise, I would just take too many rest days, ha. In February, I became an INKnBURN ambassador.  As you know, INB is my favorite athletic apparel brand and have been a client for almost five years.  Being an ambassador for the brand is awesome, icing on the cake.  So this was my run-related non-racing highlight of the year. :) By April, I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  The migraines for months, the as