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UPS 5K: A Year in Review and A Decision To Make

RR Portion: Today I ran the UPS 5K race, benefiting the United Way of Miami.  It was hot and humid, and I was nauseous and short of breath.  No PR and a 27:3X, which is my worst in the last 9 months. The weather today was yucky.  80F feels like 86F with 75 dewpoint.  Not our worst dewpoint (like last week) but not nice either.  My shoelace came loose at Mile 0.25; I had nausea at Mile 2-3 and had to walk the water stations (which I never do).  Still, I had fun and my dad was cheering me for the first time in his life (he's here for a visit), so I finished smiling and having fun.  I also cheered on Chiqui74 on the 5K and on her DH on his first race! Some pics: New racing flats: The Three Amigos Post Race: The Three Amigos Pre-Race Floating Pic: One final one: Long and Whiny Part: This RR is more than an RR; to me it's a please let me know whether I'm doing this wrong thread.  Sorry for the whiny and long post.

Doral 5K Freedom Run

Short: I ran the inaugural Doral 5K Freedom Run in my backyard.  It's the first Summer 5K my city has created and we were there in support of the city and the troops.  I came in at 27:15, my worst this year (my PR is 24:57 from July) but I met most of my goals today. Long: I wasn't shooting for a PR but then why am I disappointed?  Oh, yes, I'm a perfectionist and I feel like I telephoned this race.  Training : Training has not been going well during the last 2-4 weeks.  I'm doing Pfitz 18/70 and all my runs have been done well and on pace in this weather, except the LRs.  I've been bonking LRs left and right, mostly because I have not been able to breathe in the high humidity of the morning.  I also twisted my ankle last week and my knee is tender because of it.  So, overall, I've been very disappointed and I'm starting to question my training.  I know this is normal but still.... Weather : It was 80F feels like 87-90F, with 91% humidi