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Disney World Marathon 2018 RR

Last Sunday, I ran the WDW Marathon.  This was supposed to be a race attempt at improving my post-knee surgery time and a good way to start 2017.  To the contrary, it ended up being a slug to the finish full of medical issues.  But still, it's Disney, so fun was had. My last race for 2017 was the Weston Half Marathon, in which I ran a spectacular race and almost PRd.  So, the stakes for this race at Disney were high.  Especially, after the weather forecast turned to perfect. Since Disney is semi-local, traveling is not as stressful as for other races.  We drove to Orlando on Friday afternoon and got to our Disney hotel (Port Orleans French Quarter), after dinner.  I had a horrible sleep week with me sleeping only 3-4 hours a week, so I was hoping Friday night was better.  It wasn't.  I woke up feeling run down and probably tired.  The weather was lovely for running, though, and also for walking around (the really cold weather had warmed up a bit). After breakfast,