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10K at Fort Ben/Gobblers Jog 5K - Dealing with a Weird Injury and the London Marathon

I did not write a race report for my 10K at Fort Ben in October, as it ended up being a bad (and painful) race for me. But since I have some more races done and/or planned, as some updates of this weird injury, I thought of putting those thoughts here. The Injury Two months before the 10K at Fort Ben race, I took Sasha to the vet. Sasha was a COVID adoption that was returned to the Humane Society two years later. She does not do well with other cats (at least she didn't until now) and freaks out whenever we put her on a carrier and take her anywhere. Understandable, as she might think she is being returned. Anyway, I took her for her one year checkup, vaccines, and to discuss medication options for Ms. Freakout. The vet thought Prozac would help her and we got a plan. But for this visit, Ms. Freakout freaked the fuck out. She pooped on the carrier on the way in, and worse, she peed the carrier and herself on the way back. When I opened the carrier, she ran like a bat out of hell ou

Geist 5K (I wasn't going to race this, but...)

The title pretty much summarizes the race. I just came out of a great race last weekend where I beat my expected time by 1:48 minutes so I didn't think I should race this one. However, it's a race literally in my running route, my running group (FRC!) shows up in droves and the weather was perfect so I couldn't say no. My plan was to either to race it by effort or chill, as per my coach instructions. I wasn't sure what I would do even as late as when I crossed the start. This course is hillier than the one I ran last week. But it also contains some nice rollers with nice downhills. Mile 2 is mostly at a slight uphill so I wasn't sure how to race something that goes up half the race and then goes slightly up and down at the end. My left leg has been pissy for a few weeks but between my upcoming trial (tomorrow) and busy with other cases, I haven't had time to visit the massage therapist again. A staycation is upcoming and I can't wait. The race starts at 7am

Time Travel 5K Race

I've been racing all summer but with mixed results. The weather has been much hotter this year in Indiana than the last 4 years so it's been a challenge. I did sign up for one race a month to get me out there and not be on the TM 24/7 and I think it's been a success. Last weekend my ITB started hurting, along with my knee, not sure why since running didn't hurt it. I tried everything from my knee brace (since this has happened before with my operated knee every so often so I'm well prepared), and even Rock Tape but the pain was still there. I had no time for a massage therapist appointment since we had our regional gathering Wednesday and Thursday and I've been preparing for two upcoming trials, but finally managed to grab an appointment on Thursday afternoon with one of my massage therapist favorites and that helped. The pain was gone by the time I left his office. Having said that, I've been exhausted all week. First, not having our normal two WFH days too

Choose to Move 5K - Or How to Crash and Burn at a 5K and Still Beat Your Goal (Follow Me for More Training Advice!)

 After my 10K where I surprised myself and ran faster than I thought I could at this moment, I set my sights on my next race, a 5K. I wanted to sign up for one before it gets too hot here in Indiana and since we had a couple of days where we hit 90F but still had days in the 30-50F range, I wasn't sure what race to sign up for, as I didn't want to risk having to run in 60F which to me feels like 100F now. Then we cooled down a bit and the race for the Choose to Move 5K was looking fine. I have run this race a couple of times before and this is where I tried and finally succeeded to break 30 minutes in the 5K once again (for reference, my PR is 24:07 but it's from 10+ years ago). In 2021, my fastest year in 5 years, I broke 30 minutes at this race and two weeks later ran a 2:36 half marathon (my fastest in 5 years). Then all turned to shit and I finished the Carmel Marathon in 2022 with a 6:15 and hardly any training due to the injuries and other menopause issues I mentioned

Carmel Indiana Spine Group 10K

I've been struggling with a 2mm slower pace than even last year, some injuries until December, etc. I feel slow AF. Some runs outside have been 14-15mm, 13:30-14mm on the TM. I've been run/walking more often than not as I cannot run more than 1-2 minutes without walking. The menopause athlete groups says it happens to some of us, where the VO2 Max takes a dive, etc. In any event, I canceled my Carmel Half because of that, and decided the 10K was short enough that I could run it by fun or race it depending on what my coach says. My coach retired at the end of January and I thought of doing it myself but in the end, I hired another badass woman coach Caolan that I've known for years and that trains some of my running group friends (ladies). She started me at 4 days of running, low mileage, and no speedwork for 2-3 weeks. Then we started doing speedwork. It was nice to be able to train even at the slow paces without breaking again (never been injured as I have mentioned before