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Riverwalk 5 Mile Race: Another PR

Today I ran the 11th Riverwalk 5 Mile Run.  This is my first time racing a 5 miler, so I was wondering how I would do.  However, coming from a marathon last weekend and feeling like I have been all week, I did not think I would be able to get a good time so I was not expecting a strong performance. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had no energy at all.  It's one of those weeks with my energy at its lowest (women will understand), but I did not want to miss the event unless necessary.  I did 55 minutes of kickboxing last night and that made my energy go up, but I did not know how the night would go.  So I put the alarm for 5am and went to bed at 11pm, which is super early for me.  I woke up refreshed and fine, so all systems were a go. It was a very nice race.  Hot and humid (70F-77F and 97% humidity), but it was a good course.  3 hills overall (Miles 1, 2, and 5).  I decided to see how the legs would hold during mile 1 and how I would feel afterwards.  So when I felt stro

Upon Becoming Part of Marathon Maniacs

With this Sunday's marathon, I was eligible to become part of the Marathon Maniacs.  For those of you that do not know, this is sort of a club where you can earn membership if you meet their criteria.  The lowest criteria was to either run 2 marathons in 16 days or 3 marathons in 90 days.  I completed 3 marathons in 79 days. A similar club for half marathoners is also available.  I am also a Half Fanatic. Although I do not participate much in these clubs, I wanted to become part of both as a challenge.  I have been a Fanatic for 1 year and now I'm also a Maniac. And yes, I am crazy.

Third Marathon in 3 Months - Summer is Here and I Hate It

Short: A ran my third marathon in 3 months and hopefully I'll make Maniac status.  No PR since it was plucking hot and humid but I'm happy with how my training has progressed. Time: 4:57:57 Long: Today I ran my third marathon in less than 90 days.  This was supposed to be my first marathon but somewhere along the way I got antsy and decided to do one marathon before this one.  Then I did another.  So, what was supposed to be my 2012 goal (making it into the Maniacs) turned into a 2011 goal. I was not expecting a PR on this one, although I hoped to run eventless and be able to run better than the ING.  After all, this race is flat (when I mean by flat it's that the course is flat like a dead man's pulse) except for a little bridge at Mile 3.  However, the temps today were 30 degrees warmer than the ING and with 100% humidity at the start, and it was bound to be a train wreck. Tapering Ordeal: As you may have known, I always hurt myself while taper

Everything Looks Good For This Weekend...Except the Weather

It's going to be hot and humid.  Ugh. I feel fine.  I've been running well.  However, I've had two incidents which I will blame on tapering madness.  I hit my knee with the dining table on Sunday and it still hurts.  I also fell going up the stairs.  I always do horrible things on tapering week.  Last time I twisted both ankles.  The previous time I fell going down the stairs AND twisted my ankle at the same time. I just hope I get to the starting line without the knee bothering me, without falling or twisting anything again, without getting sick, and with a cold front! :-)

Another Week Has Gone By and Marathon Week Is Again Here

Time sure flew since that December morning when I first did my first marathon.  Sick, walking, exhausted, it was not good yet I knew I wanted to do another.  My second one 2 weeks ago further confirmed that I love doing marathons.  Another one is about to come by next week. I'm a little banged up right now.  Shins are a tad sore, the knee and ITB have not recovered to a full 100% and the left ankle (the one I twisted two weeks ago) is still on the mend.  Yet, I'm running great and better than ever. Unfortunately the weather forecast is hot.  I want another cold front!

Ode to Running

I'm not running today for two reasons.  First, I have a doctor's appointment after work so who knows how long will that take?  Second, my knee is tender since Saturday so it's good to rest it from time to time, right?  However, when I don't run I get the blues.  Even when I do kickboxing, weights, yoga, you name it, I still get the blues because I cannot run.  What's up with that? I never ran until 1999 and even then a mile here and there as a warmup for my real workouts (dance, weights, etc.)  I even stopped running for 8-9 months and concentrated on kickboxing and weights.  I tought my running was over. That's when it happened.  The feeling that I was missing something I never thought I wanted.  Running!  So, I threw the reservation out the window and I started running again.  I ran outside for the first time in 6 years.  I liked it.  I ran 1, then 2, all the way to 5 miles.  Who could have known?  And then, I said, this is no longer difficult, let's d

It's Getting HOT HOT HOT!

It's February, yet, we've been having hot weather.  Yesterday I ran 7 in 80F and today, it was 6 in 84F.  Give me a break will you?  Marathon # 3 is in 13 days and I am NOT looking forward to running in this horrible weather. I went to the chiro on Saturday after the race to check on my lower back pain.  He believes I rehurt it by carrying my caseload bag on Thursday and Friday and because it's heavy and I'm favoring the left side, it bothered me.  Same with the rotator cuff.  So now I'm being more careful about doing every day stuff since it's the only time my muscles get hurt. But after my 7 miler and my 6 miler, I'm back at my normal speed.  Yay!

6 Days Post Marathon and I'm Racing Fine!

Today I ran a very small local 5K near my house.  The route was the park where I meet my running group.  It was disorganized, it had no markers, no clock, no chiptime, not even time.  The course was short.  I came in at 4th women overall (only the first 3 had prizes). I had recommended this local 5K to a friend of mine and here's a picture of us before the race: She ended up not doing it.  I can't agree with her more, LOL. The race was disorganized as I mentioned and they had nobody at the starting line.  The "RD" say ready? and all the kids started running so we all followed.  The "course" was three loops at the park and a little bit longer but since I know this park like the back of my hand, I knew it would be short, as the loops are 0.95 each.  I did my first mile at record pace just to pass all the kids that started in front of us and were now walking.  My laps marked each loop so they don't mark a mile. Laps (Average Pace): 7:

Back on the Road Again

Today, I had my first run since Sunday's Marathon.  How the body recovers when it's not your first!  I remember my first half marathon; it left me sore for 3 days.  The second one?  Just for 1.  The third?  Not at all. The same thing with the first marathon.  Even when I walked a lot of it, I was sore for 3 days.  This one?  Only one day.  Legs are still not 100% but getting there.  I will not be doing any speedwork until Saturday, if any. So, off I am on the way to recover and taper for Marathon # 3.  Once I've finished the A1A, it's Marathon Maniac time!