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2020 Walt Disney World Partly Goofy RR

Summary: Last week I ran part of the Walt Disney World Goofy Challenge. The weekend was hot AF and the Marathon was red-flagged and the distance was shortened after 11am due to record breaking heat. Disney's Marathon Weekend includes four races (a 5K on Thursday, a 10K on Friday, a Half Marathon on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday) and you can register for one, more, or all the races in different challenges. The Dopey Challenge is all the races, while the Goofy Challenge is the Half and the Marathon. I have done the Goofy Challenge around five times and the Dopey once. After two years without a Disney race, I decided to head back there to run Goofy. At the time I registered and paid for the hotel, meal plan, park tickets, photo pass, and the works, I was living in Miami and not expecting to move any time soon. Since Orlando is around 3-4 hours from Miami, my plan was to drive there, enjoy the parks and run. I was also looking forward to seeing this group of bad ass ladi

Cheers to the New Year 5K RR

Today, I ran the Cheers to the New Year 5K in Indianapolis, IN in 30:33 and 12 seconds faster than my last one in Thanksgiving. I wanted to continue re-learning to race 5Ks, even if I cannot get close to my PR of 24:03 from way way back in the last decade, lol. Especially, I wanted to be able to race them without crashing and burning sometime during the race. At the Thanksgiving Jog 5K, I was done and burned by Mile 1 because I started out too fast. I finished there at 30:45 and I suspected my time was soft. I know I am not in PR shape but I think I might be able to break 30 minutes in the next few races, so I wanted another chance at it. Hence this race. I have been eyeing the race for a few weeks and I knew that if I registered too late I wouldn't be able to get this year's shirt and/or this year's medal (if they run out, they give you a prior year's shirt and/or medal). But of course, I forgot about it and remembered to check the race this last weekend. I was ab