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RnR Country Music Half Marathon

Coming back from my Valentine's Day surgery has been great, much to my surprise.  By Week 4 I was running the PR Marathon with hubby, by Week 7, I had done 16 miles of a LR.  Overall, the comeback has been great and I am back at 50-60mpw range without pain (which was the point of the whole surgery, yo). Therefore, when my husband embarked into this madness that I don't know where he got it from  , of doing a HM per month to earn more moons on the Half Fanatics, I thought it would be a great change for me to have fun and build my base until my first post-surgery marathon in July (San Francisco). Then, I accidentally contacted the RD of my May HM and asked to be switched to the full, so I have a marathon in three weeks.  Going back to this race, I decided to run it with hubby and even put my goal time as 2:30 to be in the same corral as him.  OK, every say awwwww.  Being that this race is on Saturday, da fuck?, we had to fly out of Miami on Thursday and be ready to r