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Lucky Clover 4 Miler RR

I wasn't going to write this RR until my next Shamrock race was done, but then the coronavirus pandemic happened and I didn't even get to run any of my next races nor write this RR. This was my first St. Patrick's Day race in a few years and my first in Indianapolis. A lot of people from my running group were doing it so I signed up assuming I would get to run my LR on my Friday off and had one day off in between to recover. Plan was to treat it like a race or at least to treat it as speedwork. Neither happened, lol. On Friday, when I woke up, we were under a wind and storm warnings, with gusts in the 40s. I had 18 miles to run and I could've run them on the TM or outside, but instead, I decided to change them to Saturday and then treat the race as a fun race. I was bummed because I wanted to race it and see if my PR was soft (I still think it is), but also I didn't want to run 18 miles on the TM if I didn't have to. So, with tired and sore legs, I