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The Road to Berlin has Started

Training for Berlin started on Memorial Day weekend. It's been a few months since I have done any marathon training, and with the asthma flareups, I have been reticent to push it and get an attack. So, going into this training, I was not sure what to expect. Training for a marathon is not easy; training for a marathon during Summer in Miami, is worse. But I am nothing if not a fighter, so fight I will. Week 1 went really well. I got my new paces from my coach and it allowed me to run easier than before in order for the asthma not to be a bother. The first week included a 5K race I had already planned and, like the other 5K races, it was a disaster. After the last five 5Ks, three of which included an asthma attack, I am officially scared of them. Mileage: 43. Week 2 came with a challenge. The Saturday prior, I attended a party and there was some debris and residue from a construction done earlier that week. By Monday I was seriously ill. I was diagnosed with severe as