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2014 Walt Disney World Marathon Race Report

After finishing 5 marathons in 4 weeks, and knowing you have another marathon five weeks from then, what do you do?  You recover and train for a couple of weeks, right?  You wouldn't not run for 3 weeks (or barely run), and do 11 milers as your long run, right?  Because that's what I did!  Ugh. Seriously, after Space Coast, I recovered from the multiple marathons and thought I would be able to pick the training up on Week 3, but I did not count on having two severely ill kitties that needed to be forced fed four times a day, and I did not count on working 70-80 hour weeks during the holidays.  The truth is, I really did not have much time to run and when I did, I was so exhausted I just did not have the mojo to run.  And then, all of a sudden, race week was here.  The nerve! Now that my kitties are doing better and that I have a surgery date, my mojo has returned and the last runs have gone great.  I just did not have time to run much and had to rely on my year of cons

2013 In Review

I have been debating whether to even bothered to write about how 2013 went.  To me, it was a wash between being a great running year and a sad running year.  At the beginning of the year, I had the following goals: A - 2500 miles B - 12 marathons earning me a third star on the maniacs C - No asthma attacks Although I basically succeeded in achieving goals B and C, the reason for me not achieving goal A is both sad and complicated. The first part of the year went really well, I finished the following marathons/ultras: Walt Disney World, ING Miami, A1A Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, DT Endurance 50K, Puerto Rico, and San Francisco, a feat in and of itself.  I almost PRd at Disney and earned my current marathon PR at the A1A Ft. Lauderdale.  Overall, I was optimistic that training for the Chicago Marathon would bring me a new PR and the sub-4:30 I know I am capable of when the stars aligned. But they did not.  Training for Chicago went great and Walter (my coach) and I