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The ING Miami Marathon: This is Not One of My Happy RRs, So You Be Warned!

Today, I completed the ING Miami Marathon.  It is our big local race, the race every member of my running group runs, the one that was my PR for almost a year. I had planned on this being a PR race two weeks ago after the Goofy when the recovery was unexpectedly fast and when my running and the asthma seemed to just click.  However, the unplanned and the unexpected can ruin the race of many. It took me hours to write this because had I wrote this RR earlier today, it would've been worse.  I finished in tears, not because I didn't PR, but because I should've just DNF'd this race after what happened.  But, since I was already on the course and the medal was just so cute, I decided not to.  Or maybe it's because I'm stupid, you can decide. Two weeks ago (after I had decided to give the PR a go), I got sick.  Just a light cold worsened by the allergy shot.  I was in bed for a day.  The asthma doctor told me this week: "Don't Expect a PR on

My Asthma Update

For those of you that have been following my running progress since my asthma diagnosis, here is a synopsis of what has happened so far. November 8 After the NYCM I went to the allergist and begged for her to take me on as an asthma patient.  I felt that the pulmonologist had ignored my requests to change my medication and my performance during the marathon showed it (big asthma attack at Mile 16 and all).  So, she did.  She did my breathing test that day.  The numbers were: 81%, 74%, 84%, 63%, 78%.  She said these were not bad numbers but they were bordeline and for somebody on medication, they were bad.  The most important number is the second one (74%).  So, she switched my medication and asked me to come back three weeks later. Prior to the change of medication, my 5K time went up from 24:02 to 27:30 and my marathon was a disaster. The week after she changed my meds, I ran a HM in 2:15.  It was more a shoe disaster than anything, but it was the first time I had run wi

Miramar Pines Rotary 10K RR: Where the 15mph Headwind Chewed the Sick and Goofed Docket, Turned Off the Rocket, and Spit Out a Course and a Post-Asthma PR (It Was a Good Day)

Today I ran the Miramar Pines Rotary 10K race in Miramar, Florida.  As you know, I just did the Goofy challenge last weekend, so today was just a tempo run/post-asthma PR attempt.  Initially, I was going to shoot for an all out PR if the legs felt OK by today, but I got sick on Thursday and I'm still not at 100%. This course is special to me.  As you remember, it took me 4 attempts to break the 1 hour barrier in the 10K, even though all my other races showed a 55-57 minute 10K.  I broke that curse here last year, so I wanted to do that again today. Weather was awesome, although a tad cold due to the 15mph headwind!!!!!!  Low to mid 50s throughout.  And lots of sun, of course. So, my goals for this race were: Goal A: Course PR (57 minutes or faster) Goal B: Post-Asthma PR (56 or faster) Goal C: PR In addition, I wanted NO SOCK BUNCHING.  So, I changed my socks to a Small and hoped for the best. I have to say I had no bunching.  Instead, MY FOOT FELL ASLEEP

2012 Disney Goofy Challenge: 2 Races, 39.3 Miles, 3 Shirts, 3 Medals, 1 PR, Lots of Fun!

This weekend, I did the Goofy Challenge at Disney, which consists of doing the Half Marathon on Saturday and the Marathon on Sunday.  It was one of the hardest things I have done, and at the same time, I had so much fun, I cannot wait to do it again. This challenge came in 5 weeks from my last marathon, the West Palm Beach marathon, which is my current PR.  I have been dealing with the asthma and trying to race so that I can determine what level of fitness I am currently at and whether the asthma is going to make my slower pace permanent. So, this was going to be an event for fun.  Easy half marathon and an easy marathon.  But, after I ran a 5K the weekend prior where I was very close to my PR and where the asthma didn't bother me, and after looking at the weather forecast for the weekend and noticing great weather for Saturday and Sunday, I decided to shoot for a PR on the Half Marathon.  Any PR was OK with me, but secretly, I was shooting for 2 hours. Training : Si

Shoe Review: Adidas AdiZero Mana 6: The Little Racer That Can

This is my first racer shoe (I have two and the other review will come at a later time).  I have never had a racer shoe.  I have used my training shoes for all my races until I bought this one and the Brooks ST5s.  I was initially reticent to try racer shoes because of the lack of support they have (to be able to make them so light) and I do need support and I pronate a little (ankle sprains are common with me). So, with much trepidation, I gave these shoes a try. I have done two races with them.  The first one was a 10K (the Turkey Trot) and a 5K (South Florida Fair 5K).  Both races have been my best races since the asthma diagnosis.  Obviously most of the improvement comes from the medication but a little comes from the use of a lighter shoe. A few thoughts on this racer: Good for 5Ks and 10Ks - Both races went well and I had no issues with the support provided by this shoe. Not necessarily good for HMs or Marathons - I took these shoes for a pace run prior to the Disney Goo

Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

I have tried Mizunos before.  The Wave Inspire 7, if I remember correctly.  But that was while I was still in love with my soulmates, the Adidas Supernovas and I needed more cushion and support than what the Mizunos provided.  So, I retired those Mizunos early, even though they weighed way less than the Supernovas.  I don't have them any more and I now feel sorry I ever retired them. Two years later, the story is different.  My feet are liking other shoes, including those with less cushion and support.  In fact, I may eventually try a neutral shoe.  So, I ordered a pair (well, two, in different colors) of Mizunos and took them for a spin. I have used this particular model for a normal easy run (I used the other style (purple) for two short long runs.  I like this particular model better, although the other one performed as well).  The easy run turned into a pace run.  I tried to take the shoes for a spin that was both tough and rewarding.  If the shoes would not do, I would n