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Doral Freedom 5K Run Race Report

Today, I ran the Doral Freedom Run 5K in my backyard.  This is the second year for this race and it's always in support of our troops, the victims of 9/11, and our police and firefighters.  Since the Southern Command is right in my backyard too, it is a nice local race that involves the military and we get to run inside SouthCom, which we never get to see because it's all secret and closed. This was to be my second time trial before Berlin.  I already did a time trial with a distance that is better for gauging my progress but it was a month ago and I wanted to see how far I've come since I've noticed in the last month a huge improvement in my asthma and my paces. Asthma Update: Back in May, my asthma was out of control.  At the beginning of my marathon training, my breathing capacity was at 62%, four of the last five races had me having asthma attacks during them (and the one I didn't was only because I took it slow).  On top of that, I got severe asthma d