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Training for Berlin Continues with Heartache and Good Training

It's been almost five weeks since I posted an update on my training, so sorry it has taken me this long.  I have gone through so much in those five weeks that I don't want to repeat, it's not even funny. Last time, you heard about my first four weeks of training.  I just got to say that the next five weeks of training (Weeks 5 through 9) have been great.  The asthma symptoms have improved, I am off the allergy medication, and my running has steadily improved. But not everything that has gone on has been happy.  One of our cats died three weeks ago.  Suddenly, the most active 4 year old kitty, just went from happy to dying and died within a 36 hour period.  We are very sad and have dealt with it in our own ways.  I turned to running.  My first two runs after Lily's death were cathartic to say the least.  After those, talking to the vet really helped us let her go without guilt.  The next runs got better.  Without running, I do not know that I could deal with this as