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St. Thomas University 5K RR

I hate 5Ks, I've said it time and time again.  So, no idea why I registered for one for today, but I am bored waiting to run marathons, gah!  It has been a very hot and humid week but fortunately, this weekend looked great with Saturday being cooler than Sunday. I also have a 16 miler tomorrow, so I didn't want to race then and miss the chance to do a LR, especially since I didn't do an MLR this week, due to time. So, there were two 5Ks nearby today and this one grabbed my attention.  It was at my alma mater (I went to law school there) and put on by the Moot Court Team, which I had been in and won awards and competitions while in law school.  So, it was nice to go back to the school and run the campus. The weather was awesome.  58F at the start, no wind that we could feel.  I got there at 7am, picked my bib, went to the car, got ready and went out for what I thought would be a 3 mile warmup.  But as soon as I started, I had to go to the bathroom, yay, so it ended

RnR Raleigh Half Marathon RR

Raleigh was another planned marathon I had to let go due to the meniscus surgery, but even the surgeon had estimated in January that I could run this as a half marathon, so the plan was to see how i was doing a couple of weeks prior.  With at least three 10 mile runs and back to 50mpw, I suspected I could do it and even planned on doing it for a time.  Then, I saw the course elevation and rethought, LOL. I ran a 14 miler the week prior and had a heavy 51 mpw the week of the race, so I decided that I could run/walk it with my husband better, have fun, do away with the distance and feel better overall.  It did help that I registered for the Disney's Star Wars Dark Side Half Marathon at the end of April, which is flat and I would be able to race it alone, so that sounded like a better option to race it.  Especially since it will be around 12 weeks since my surgery at the time of that race and, according to the surgeon, he expected me to be back to how I was before the surgery by