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Shoe Review: Asics Noosa 7s: Shoes That Really Glow

I recently ordered the hard to get Asics Noosa 7, the women's (second from top) and the men's version (top).  Although they are in essence the same shoe, they feel totally different. I have the Noosas 6, both men and women version and I like them.  I don't love them, but they are a good training shoe.  However, I believe Asics has improved this shoe with their new version and they feel much lighter than the Noosas 6.  A plus for me. The women version is 9.1 oz in my size, while the men's version is at around 10.  They do feel different to me, although I have to remember, I am a woman so the men's one feels a little off for a reason. One of the best characteristic of the shoe, in my opinion (apart from the great support) is the glow in the dark feature.  I have not used either of these shoes for the last week and they are still glowing in my bedroom like crazy.  The cats think they are fun and often sleep atop it. I used them during my last race (A1A Half

Shoe Review: Mizuno Elixirs 7 (A Shoe With Style)

I've been meaning to write a review about the Elixirs but work has been busy.  So, here it goes. I ordered the Elixirs with the hopes of using them as a racer shoe for longer races like half marathons and marathons.  They did not disappoint.  The first time I ran in them, it was like running naked.  You felt you were wearing a shoe but at the same time, you felt like you were running barefoot.  They are light on your feet (approximately 7.5 oz), but supportive at the same time (support is mid to moderate).  They are cute as hell too. Prior to the ING Marathon, I did a total of 7 miles in the shoes and every workout was a pleasure.  So, I decided to risk it and do the marathon in them.  The marathon went really well although I had stomach issues at the end.  Having said that, I never had an issue with the shoe; in fact, throughout the whole marathon, I didn't even feel them.  I did had some foot soreness near the end, but I attribute them to the compression sock rather tha

A1A Marathon: A DNF to the Half Marathon and a Tribute to Aaron

I was not going to write an RR at all but I wanted to share Aaron's life and remembrance just a little. Today, I wanted to finish my 8th marathon in honor of Aaron Cohen.  He is one of the two cyclists that were hit this week by an AH driver (Miami has plenty of those).  He did not survive.  His death hit our running club very hard, because we all knew him, some more than me.  He was a great triathlete and an awesome person. So, I wanted to honor his passing by finishing today's marathon.  However, life never turns out the way we want it to, so I ended up DNF'ing the marathon and finishing 17 miles and get the half marathon medal.  My story goes like this: 2 Weeks Prior After the ING Marathon, recovery was going well. However, after almost 2 years of no bouts of piriformis, I got one two weekends ago.  It started quietly and nothing to worry about but as the week went by, it went from sore to ouch sore.  Some days I was limping; most days I would go to bed cr