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Marathon # 2 Is In The Books

Short: Old PR: 5:52:32 New PR: 4:52:42 I twisted my foot at Mile 11 and had issues relating to that throughout. Long: My Recent Journey As you all may remember, on December 5, I ran marathon # 1.  However, it did not feel like it was my first marathon; it felt more like a dress rehearsal.  I got sick two days before the big day and walked between 6-9 miles (I cannot be sure since the Garmin died).  It was a pretty disappointing race but hey, when you're sick you're sick. So, my next marathon was scheduled to be the A1A Marathon on February 20, 2011.  My plan was to recover from the WPB Marathon, do some test races, get healthy and lose some weight, and try again in February. Training has been going well.  My last two races have been PRs, winning 1st in my AG on the 5K and finishing 4th in my AG on the 10K.  I knew I was ready and my 16, 18, and 20 miler proved it.  My paces have also gotten faster, as in 15-20 seconds per mile in training. I also di

The Last Long Run

On Sunday, I did a 12 miler.  I did not know what to expect from it since I ran 6 miles (and did weights as well) on Saturday night and did not eat any complex carbs the night before, but I thought to try. As soon as I was ready to go, I could not start.  The Garmin was off.  No charge!  What?  It had 50% last night!  Oh, well.  I had to wait another hour and start at 8am.  In the Summer it would have been a dead sentence to start so late, but for Sunday, it was OK.  It was 42F when I started. The run was great.  I ran well and actually finished at the same pace as the 6 miler the night before.  The sun bothered me a little, as I finished at 10:15am or so, but other than that, everything went very well. Here are the splits: Split Time Distance Avg Pace Summary 02:09:47 12.00 10:48 1 00:11:24 1.00 11:24 2 00:11:01 1.00 11:01 3 00:10:46 1.00 10:46 4 00:10:48 1.00 10:48 5 00:10:35 1.00 10:35 6 00:10:49 1.00 10:49 7 00:10:40 1.00 10:40 8 00:10:48 1.00 10:48 9 00:10:46