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2019 WDW Princess Half Marathon Weekend RR!

It's been a while since I have posted something in this blog.  Since the Chicago Marathon in October, WTF!  I was super busy at the end of the year, between training for Houston, work, the shutdown (I was excepted and had to work through the longest shutdown in US history), a virus that stayed with me for the first five weeks of 2019 and caused my running to come to a halt, and life.  Of course, I DNFd the Houston Marathon for the third time in a row, sigh.  I was so sick I couldn't even run for 1/4 mile without stopping to breathe or just to, you know, live.  January, 2019 really sucked.  Maybe Dallas might be a better choice next time? At least 2018 ended on a great note with almost 2500 miles run for the year.  Then January came and knocked me off my ass, ha.  Oh, and my TM broke in December and I was without one for five weeks as well (we had to buy a new one even and it took three weeks to get to us).  It's a miracle I was able to run as much (or as little, depend