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2015 Chicago Marathon RR

On Sunday, I ran the Chicago Marathon.  I have started this race three times and finished the last two years.  Since the first time I ran it, I had to DNF due to a ruptured ovarian cyst that ended up with my surgery, and the second time, my asthma didn't let me run as well as I wanted it, we can all call this race my nemesis.  I was expecting nothing less from this race. My coach prepared a training plan of 10 weeks that mimicked the Paris Marathon training we did, which was very successful for me (after all, times post surgery have been in the 4:40s and I ran Paris 2 seconds off my 4:34:09 PR with an asthma attack, a migraine and high blood pressure, so the plan looks to be a miracle provider).  Between these two races, I ran the San Diego Marathon as an easy run with my new blood pressure meds (never taken any before) and ran 4:4X and had a great time.  This time, I was on a second blood pressure med that tends to make me overheat.  I trained 95% on the treadmill since, as I