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Weeks 3 through 6 of Pfitz 18/70 are Done!

I have not written an entry in quite a while and so much has happened since I did.  Training for NYCM is at the end of Week 6 with some good and bad runs.  I don't recall every single run, but I'll try to summarize the weeks herein. Week 3 - Week 3 went really well until Saturday's run.  I did back to back mid-week long runs of 11 and 13, a 5 miles recovery at noon (on the TM), a 3 miles recovery run at noon (outside) instead of a 5 miler because I ran out of time.  Since I had a Cirque du Soleil show on Thursday and a Britney Spears concert on Friday, I had to switch runs and I missed a couple of miles during that recovery run as I ran out of time.  I switched the tempo run (9 with 4 @ 15K pace) for Saturday, and that's when everything started going wrong.  I still have not found what I've been eating that has my stomach acting up.  The run did not go well and the next run went worse.  15 miles turned into 4 miles before I quit and walked home.  I spent 3 days wi