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Livelong Half Marathon for Livestrong RR

Today I ran the Livelong Half Marathon, benefiting Livestrong.  It is a weekend planned set of events during the weekend, including a HM, a 5K, and a family bike ride on Saturday and rides of different distances on Sunday.  Most of the people I saw today during the HM looked like triathletes and were going to ride tomorrow as well. I would like to thank the people that contributed to the Livestrong cause: Chiqui74, cardholic, troy41, LonelyRoadScholar, and RedSparkle, and help in my fundraising. Some of the people that contributed were doing it in memory of or in honor of a person that had suffered from cancer.  I included these persons in my bib and also wrote their names and put them on the display.  I also remembered their names throughout the race and called their names as I crossed the finish lines. I was debating all week long what to wear, how to run, etc.  It is still super hot here and not only that, it's been very humid.  Today was no exception. I'm glad