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The Road To Recovery Continues

This week has been great.  First, I had my six week post-surgery appointment and the doctor cleared me up for everything else, weights, kickboxing, LIFE.  I am back to where I was pre-surgery, all healed and not only that, pain free.  This week was a special week of sorts, not only because I was cleared but it was the first week of higher mileage since January.  I would dare to say, for the whole 2014. I did run one 50mpw in 2014, in January, the week of the Disney Marathon but I never felt the way I feel today after running 44 miles this week.  I am running slower than pre-surgery, yes, but I don't have that mechanical impediment nor my abs hurt after 1 hour of running. My next marathon is 17 weeks away.  2014 might not be a year for PRs and I understand and can live with that.  But it WILL be a year of no pain, easy runs, and enjoyment.  Something that has been lacking from my life since October. Bring it on!

2014 Puerto Rico Half Marathon

Yesterday, I paced hubby at the 2014 Puerto Rico Half Marathon. If you remember, I ran the inaugural marathon last year and had a blast, even though the heat index was 100F and the dewpoint was 80F.  Since they moved the race to March this year, I registered myself for the marathon and hubby for the half and we hoped for better weather. Then, I chose my surgery date and I had to let at least three races and lost the registrations on those.  Having said that, now that I went through the surgery, I wonder why didn't I just do it in January and fuck all the races I didn't want to lose my registration on.  But, you live, you learn. I initially requested to defer the race and we expected not to go at all.  My husband had been dealing with shin splints since his last half marathon in December and there was no way I could run a marathon five weeks post surgery.  But, since I started running earlier than expected and running has been going great, well, really, it's been fu

After the Break: Rebuilding

Hello!  Long time no speak.  I've gone through so much since I last posted.  Surgery, recovery, back to running.  I have been meaning to write a quick post as to my whereabouts but I keep running out of time, so here it is (finally). Surgery was on Valentine's Day.  I had planned that date mainly because I wanted to finish three marathons before I had surgery.  It just never turned out the way I wanted to.  I did the Disney World Marathon with hardly any pain, but lots of breaks and walks, but then I got sick just before the Clearwater Marathon and it was a miracle I even finished the Half Marathon walking mostly the last four miles.  Then, I planned on doing the ING Miami Marathon (now called Lifetime Miami Marathon) and everything was so hard I quit at Mile 8.  By the time surgery week came, I couldn't even run.  I felt like I had gained 50lbs in this short period of time and running was so hard, it was no longer fun.  So, I didn't.  Instead, I used the bike as m