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2013 Lou Gherig's Disease 10K

Today, I ran the Lou Gherig's Disease 10K to benefit the ALS Foundation.  I have done this race five times and it has always a big race for a good cause.  It includes a 10K, a 5K run and a 5K walk.  It is always hot, humid, and hilly, and today was no exception. This was going to be my first 10K without albuterol and the last race distance I had to conquer without it.  With the last two 5Ks done without albuterol, I knew there was a great chance to race this without medication.  It was also my first 10K since this race last year where I had two asthma attacks during the race at miles 2 and 4.  So, it was clear I had to race one without medication on this course to see that I could. Since I ran the marathon in Puerto Rico last week, I knew my legs were not ready to push a good pace.  It was also going to be mid 80s and humid, and this course is tough.  There is no way to explain why the course is tough.  Yes, it has rolling hills but they are not too bad.  Yes, it is usual

Puerto Rico Marathon RR

When you leave your country of origin nine years prior to make a better life for yourself and a Maniac tells you that your country is holding its first marathon ever, you sign up within 5 minutes, right?  And that is basically what I did a few months ago. Then, five minutes later, the following conversation occurred: Docket: Mr. Docket, PR has a marathon and we're going. Mr. Docket: Awesome!  When? Docket: May 5. Mr. Docket: Did you say May? Docket: Uhuh. Mr. Docket: Who the fuck holds a marathon in PR in May?  It's going to be hot! Or what I call: I'M WITH STUPID Truer words have never been spoken.  Yesterday, I ran the hottest and most humid marathon I had ever done, with a heat index of 100F and a dewpoint of 79!!!!  I am surprised I didn't have an asthma attack because that dewpoint is almost the highest you can have.  And I cannot wait to do it again! This is the current data for marathon day as taken by my husband.  Look at the