Marathon Training Starts with a Bang: 18th Annual Weston July 4th Celebration 5K Race

Today, I ran the Weston Hometown July 4th Celebration 5K, in Weston, FL.  This was a small race with only 1134 finishers (small for us).  Weston always organize good races and the town came to see us off.

Edited to add: I came in 257th overall, and 9th in my AG out of 69.

I was hoping for a PR based upon my last 10K PR and how the training had been going.  I really did not train but did a couple of speedwork sessions in preparation for it.  I was debating whether to do 7:58 (McMillan) or 8mm.  I ended up pretty close to 8mm.

Finished in 24:57 and came in 9th in my AG (I show up now as 7th with a time of 24:02 but I know that is wrong, so they must correct it).  The race was a certified course.  It was not that hot (81F) but super humid (82%).  I was soaked during the warmup.

I ran well and pretty much on an even pace (8:03, 8:02, 8:03, 0:49).  I felt strong throughout, except I got a sidestitch at mile 2.76.

Overall, pretty good for my last race of the season.  Thanks for reading.

Marathon training started today!


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