Training for Berlin Continues with Heartache and Good Training

It's been almost five weeks since I posted an update on my training, so sorry it has taken me this long.  I have gone through so much in those five weeks that I don't want to repeat, it's not even funny.

Last time, you heard about my first four weeks of training.  I just got to say that the next five weeks of training (Weeks 5 through 9) have been great.  The asthma symptoms have improved, I am off the allergy medication, and my running has steadily improved.

But not everything that has gone on has been happy.  One of our cats died three weeks ago.  Suddenly, the most active 4 year old kitty, just went from happy to dying and died within a 36 hour period.  We are very sad and have dealt with it in our own ways.  I turned to running.  My first two runs after Lily's death were cathartic to say the least.  After those, talking to the vet really helped us let her go without guilt.  The next runs got better.  Without running, I do not know that I could deal with this as I have.  I have gone through depressions before so I am glad I did not go through one this time around because I had running to help.  It is good for the soul.  Oh, and in exchange, we got two new cats into our household.  Lily would be very happy we saved two lives when she is not here.

So, on to my training summary.

Week 5 - I finished 46 miles, including 6 intervals at 60 seconds which went really well and back to speedy paces, and a 16 miler with the last 3 as a fast finish.  These did not go as well as prior runs.  It was very humid that day and I struggled, but still the miles were done.

Week 6 - This is the week that will live forever in my mind as the week that I lost Lily, my kitty.  Everything was fine during the first three days of the week.  Training went really well, including an interval session of 5 X 60 seconds that took my breath away in a positive way (being very fast).  I came home to find that my husband had allowed Rubio, the stray we've fed for two years, in, so we had a new cat all of a sudden.  The cats seemed OK with it (knowing Rubio for 2 years) and Lily was as usual, the bully and boss of the house.  Then, Thursday night came.  Lily went from being very active to being just laying there.  By the time I woke up on Friday, she had hidden under the sink wanting to die.  My husband had to break a wall panel to get her out and take her to the vet.  I ran that night but my heart was not in it.  I saw her one hour prior to my run and my first thought was that she would die. She did.  At 5am that next morning.  My next two runs were run but without my heart. In fact, the 14 miler with a fast 4 finish were among my strongest performances.  I was a robot that weekend.  I ran but I just didn't even want to.  Total miles done: 40.

Week 7 - This week went better.  We came to terms with the loss of our baby kitty and with the fact that she was gone.  My runs got better, mostly because I was running AWAY from my thoughts.  My first 400m interval session and my first 18 miler occurred this week.  Everything went perfect.  Even my asthma was better.  Total miles done: 50.

Week 8 - I had some issues during Week 8.  I had an allergic reaction to WTF knows and I had to go back to the doctor as an emergency because I had broken into hives all throughout my body.  I don't even know how I was able to run throughout the week when I was dealing with it but I did.  Running on Week 8 went really well, including my first 20 miler and more 400m intervals.  My heart rate has gone down lately, which is good.  Four weeks without an asthma attack, woot.  Total miles: 53.

Week 9 - Today, I finished with week 9.  It's been one heck of a month.  I just want July to go by already!  My 800m went great, but I had an asthma episode (not an attack) that day after the intervals.  I had my allergy shot that day, so it is not surprising I had an episode considering.  I did my first MP+ run with an 18 miler with a planned last 9 miles at MP + 10%, except I felt great and I pushed through the last 6 @ MP.  So, this week broke all convention and everything my coach said to do.  I feel sorry for Walter for having such a bad trainee.  Hoping this is just a show that my fitness has gotten better!  Total miles: 55.

As to the health front, I've been a vegetarian for 10-11 weeks.  I have never felt better.  I've lost 6 lbs and my asthma has improved at least 10% according to my peak flow meter.  I cannot wait to continue this journey of getting better and getting my asthma in check.  It has taken me almost a year to grab asthma by the horns and I expect to do so before Berlin comes.

Thanks for reading!


  1. This is nice blog and unique information related to Asthma.Thanks for sharing such information.Beclovent

    1. Thanks for reading! That's why I keep the blog: if it helps somebody, it's worth it.

  2. I am so sorry for your loss. But I am so excited that it sounds like your health is really improving! Kick that asthma TO THE CURB! And your running is looking good as well - you will rock Berlin.


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