Last Race of the Season and a Look at 2012

Today, I ran the South Florida Fair 5K.  I wanted to see whether I could race a 5K without albuterol (as my doctor believed).  Today's weather of 74F and 72 dewpoint (95% humidity or thereabouts) meant the answer was no.  For the first time since Las Vegas I had to use the inhaler mid race.  Still, although I came in at a slow (for me) 27:18, I wasted close to 3 minutes using the inhaler which means I'm still running strong (when I can, LOL).

Too bad I never got to race last week.  If you didn't read about it, I was about to run the Jingle Bell Jog 5K in 43F and awesome dewpoint numbers to race with asthma when this girl tried to cut me off and ended up tripping me.  I fell so hard I had to DNF the race.  Here are the pics of my knee right after the race and one day later.  It is still black and blue but I will spare you additional pictures.

Right after the race:

A day later:

This last race was not meant to be (as last week's race), but the year has been full of ups and downs.  I hated the first part of 2012.  I was slow, had lots of asthma attacks, and saw no end in sight.  But I persevere and gave my doctor the chance to fix what she thought was my worst trigger, the dustmite allergies (followed by humidity as my second worst trigger).  And after July, things improved a lot.  I started running easier, faster, needing albuterol less and less, until now when I am allowed to race without it (well, unless it's a 5K!).  I thought my PRs days were over and I had come to terms with that, but I was able to do the following since July, 2012:

  • 5K - Matched my PR of 24:57 at the Doral Freedom 5K and won 2nd in my AG. RR.
  • Marathon - PRd at the Berlin Marathon with a time of 4:37:18 RR.

  • Half Marathon - Second fastest half marathon ever with 2:05 at the Livelong Livestrong HM RR.
  • Marathon - Third fastest marathon at the Marine Corps Marathon with 4:47, notwithstanding a cold and asthma leaving me with 49% of my breathing capacity RR.

  • Half Marathon - Three half marathons in November as training runs, each one faster than the prior one, leaving me confident I could attempt a PR at Las Vegas.  RR, RR, RR.
  • 5K - Second fastest 5K post asthma and close enough to a PR at 25:15 at the Waterford 5K, in tough conditions and no taper, giving me confidence I could race 5Ks again.  RR.

  • Marathon - An almost lethal allergy/asthma attack during the Las Vegas Marathon.  RR.
  • Half Marathon - Another strong performance at the Weston Half Marathon in 2:0854 one week after Las Vegas and without albuterol.  RR.
  • 5 Miler - An awesome PR at the Parkland 5 Mile Holiday Run of 42:46.  RR.
Overall, December has been the worst month of this second half of the year, but overall I cannot complain.  I have been able to improve that 49% breathing capacity present in October to 55% and the overall capacity to 92%.  My asthma related illnesses that include severe reflux are improving (especially since becoming a vegetarian).  In fact, I feel better and more optimistic about my racing than I felt this day last year.

Everything has been working better, I get less attacks and now I go weeks without using albuterol.  Today's race is only a bump on the road (last week's race made me a bump on the road, LOL).  I have multiple marathons in 2013 (as few as 6 and as much as 12) and I cannot wait for 2013 to begin!


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