RnR Seattle Marathon RR - Make Up Race # 1

Last year, we had a lot of new states planned up for our quest of 50 states.  However, we had a very eventful year last year, and some of our planned races were missed. The next two marathons will make up for the same races last year we missed.

Last year, I trained for the RnR Seattle and had everything planned, including my outfit and all.  Then, that Thursday, as I was trying to check us into the flight, I couldn't find the code for it.  Called the airline and they couldn't find us.  Found the charge on our credit card and SOMEONE (not me, but my other half) booked us for the wrong date (one month later).  So, after trying to switch the flights and figuring out it would cost us $1800 more to make it there that evening, we canceled and got a voucher for a trip to Chicago later that year.  At the time, we were kind of relieved.  We were tired, our cats had no nanny, and we were just happy to stay home.  The second missed marathon includes a brain tumor and surgery, but that's a story to tell when my next marathon happens later this Summer.  So, stay tuned.

So...we registered for Seattle again, knowing this would be a makeup race and to revisit 2016, I guess. 

Contrary to last year, where I felt OK, and faster than this year, but dealing with some medication issues, this year had me slower and post knee surgery.  So, I knew I would be slower than I expected last year.  The temps would also be warmer (of course, Murphy's and Schwartz' Law and all), but I was looking forward to run a marathon without worrying about how the knee would perform.  Ottawa was fun but I was still scared shitless about the knee, even though the surgeon had said, you will get back to 100% and in 12 weeks you should be back to normal pre tear.  First, I think I am 100% back, but that 12 weeks to be back to pre-tear?  Nah.  I feel so slow now compared to January, it's like a different person.  BUT, I can run and run 50+mpw so I'm very happy I got my surgery when I did.  Enough said, stop complaining, Docket!

We arrived in Seattle on Friday morning, after a trip back home to Puerto Rico the weekend prior to attend a wedding.  The cats are still whining that we left them alone for two weekends in a row (notwithstanding they have a great nanny that probably loves them as much as me), I had a lot of stuff at work, hardly slept, etc.  But we were in good spirits.  We got to our hotel and went to the expo after a quick lunch.  Had fun there and returned to the hotel.

We were looking forward to try a Puerto Rican restaurant in Seattle called La Isla, so we spent a nice dinner of mojitos, mofongo, and fried salmon.  The best!

On Saturday, we signed up for a tour of the city and had fun.  This guy was pretty unconventional and funny at the same time, but we had fun looking around the sights around the city.

Seattle is a pretty city:

We have been so tired from work and our latest trip, we have been going to bed at 9pm PST, which is not normal for us, and sleeping past 7am.  This helped me have the first full night of sleep the night before a marathon; after 39 marathons, it was a first!

Race Day:

We woke up at 4:45am to get ready.  We had a nice hotel by the lake, but we had no Link transportation to get to the race close by; however, we found the nearest bus route and that took us straight to the University of Washington, where the race started.  We had a short walk to the start, but otherwise, it was perfect.  We hit the potta potties when we got there and when I was leaving the area, I heard my name being called.  Looking around, who do I see?  My manita, Jenn!  Who I have not seen in person since 2012 when we both did Berlin and MCM that year.  It was awesome seeing you again, Jenn.

We headed to the start and got to meet a fellow INKnBURN ambassador, my friend Kara, and her RP.  We chatted a bit before heading to the start (there is a picture proving we met, but I don't have it, gasp!)

Hubby and I started together.  He was doing a 6:1 run/walk ratio and running the HM, while I was taking the race easy with a walk over the hills.  We ran the first mile together, although when he stopped to walk I passed him, only to be passed by him when he restarted the running portion.  He admitted he was going too fast so he stayed behind.  Wish I had stayed with him for longer.  He now has a new PR of 2:25.

The race had the HM and the full together for around 8 miles, after which we split and go into a nice area by one of the lakes that consisted of many rollers.  The first part of the race had a big uphill but then it had an awesome downhill I took advantage on.  The rest of the race had ups and downs, some bad, but nothing too bad. I walked a bit of the uphills but my mistake was not walking them from the beginning which is what I had planned.

As Ottawa, I felt my endurance failing me by Mile 13-14, after we meet the half marathoners back.  I feel like my knee is back, yes, post surgery, and I have been able to train and do speed and long runs, but I still feel like the times of running 26.2 miles at the same pace, even the easy pace I was doing, is a long way off still. Felt myself walking more of the uphills, which coincidentally had more of those here, but pushing and keep running when I had to.  By Mile 18, we pass by the stadium where the finish line was and could see the half marathon runners turning right and finishing.  That was mean!!  Part of me wanted to get "lost" and make the wrong turn, lol.  But I said no way and pushed on.  I turned left only to encounter another hill.

This is around Mile 18, when we get out of the tunnel and are on the highway.

Miles 19-23 were the hilliest of the race, of course, making me regret my decision.  The course took us to the highway we drove into on Friday, and I had not noticed how much uphill was there until I ran it, doh.  I ran everything that was not uphill, but frankly, there was not many.  When I made the turn to head back to the stadium and the finish (at around Mile 23), I thought the reverse would be all downhill and I was ready to run it and did, except it had some uphills too.  So, Mile 23-24 went fast and then I encountered an uphill at Mile 24.5 so I walked (I even posted in FB some thoughts I had at these miles, LOL).  Mile 25 was more of the same.  It wasn't until Mile 25.5 that the final one mile downhill arrived and I gave it all I got.  The pics show how I was pushing, well, as much as you can push when you're slow.

So, with that, I made up a bunch of time in the last two miles.  I was estimating my finish at 5:35 or more, but finished at 5:33:56, around two minutes slower than Ottawa, but Ottawa was flattish, while this one was not by any means.  That I wanted to work on getting closer to the 5 hour finish (and one day going back to my fastest times in the 4:30s), yes.  But this was not the course to attempt it in.  I had a lot in the tank to sprint to the finish like I did, but only because I had refrained myself for most of the course (while everybody else was struggling to finish around me).  So, very happy.

Oh, and I got my jacket!  I missed it last year due to us never even getting there, but I finally did!

Next?  The other make up marathon we missed last time.  It will be in a place I've always wanted to visit, full of volcanic soil and gorgeous views.  And hopefully, cold weather in August.  Stay tuned!


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