A 9 Miler in Awesome Weather

Good thing I'm having great runs when the temps go down slightly. My last two races have sucked badly and I'm starting to question whether I can finish the marathon within my goal time. BUT, this week has proven me wrong. Too bad this cold front did not arrive on Saturday, so that my race could go better.

After my DC run on Monday, I took Tuesday off because of the traveling. My legs were sore from the hilly workout, but I felt fine. I left the house and started my 9 miler taking it in stride and not planning to stop unless I needed to. There was a nice breeze and the temps were somewhere in the mid 70s. By mile 2 the breeze started to get chilly (yes!) and the pace started to accelerate significantly. I finished with an awesome run faster than DC's 9 miler even though there was a 30 degree difference between them.

And it was ON PACE.


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