Shoe Review: Adidas AdiZero Mana 6: The Little Racer That Can

This is my first racer shoe (I have two and the other review will come at a later time).  I have never had a racer shoe.  I have used my training shoes for all my races until I bought this one and the Brooks ST5s.  I was initially reticent to try racer shoes because of the lack of support they have (to be able to make them so light) and I do need support and I pronate a little (ankle sprains are common with me). So, with much trepidation, I gave these shoes a try.

I have done two races with them.  The first one was a 10K (the Turkey Trot) and a 5K (South Florida Fair 5K).  Both races have been my best races since the asthma diagnosis.  Obviously most of the improvement comes from the medication but a little comes from the use of a lighter shoe.

A few thoughts on this racer:

  • Good for 5Ks and 10Ks - Both races went well and I had no issues with the support provided by this shoe.
  • Not necessarily good for HMs or Marathons - I took these shoes for a pace run prior to the Disney Goofy Challenge (with the idea of using it for the half marathon portion).  I did 7 miles, the longest I've done with the shoes.  My feet ended up very tired.  The PF was sore.  I felt the shoe had no support.  So, although good for 5Ks and 10Ks, I don't think these are good for HMs or marathons for people like me (other people use them for marathons and have no problem whatsoever).

Overall, this shoe is a pretty good racing shoe.  While I have another racer shoe, this is the shoe I'm going to be using for short races from now.


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