Shoe Review: Mizuno Wave Inspire 8

I have tried Mizunos before.  The Wave Inspire 7, if I remember correctly.  But that was while I was still in love with my soulmates, the Adidas Supernovas and I needed more cushion and support than what the Mizunos provided.  So, I retired those Mizunos early, even though they weighed way less than the Supernovas.  I don't have them any more and I now feel sorry I ever retired them.

Two years later, the story is different.  My feet are liking other shoes, including those with less cushion and support.  In fact, I may eventually try a neutral shoe.  So, I ordered a pair (well, two, in different colors) of Mizunos and took them for a spin.

I have used this particular model for a normal easy run (I used the other style (purple) for two short long runs.  I like this particular model better, although the other one performed as well).  The easy run turned into a pace run.  I tried to take the shoes for a spin that was both tough and rewarding.  If the shoes would not do, I would notice immediately, as I was running at one minute faster than easy pace.  These shoes stayed with me all the way.  They produced one of my strongest and best runs I've had in a while.

According to the specs, the shoe weighs 8.8 oz., but they perform well at Half Marathon and easy pace.  They were stable throughout the run and my usual ankle rolling never happened.  Their colors are simple but cute at the same time.  I felt the support throughout the run, but at the same time, I did not feel the shoes, if you know what I mean.

Overall, this shoe is good for training runs.  A shoe that will give you hundreds of good miles and maybe you will reward him with a race or two.

I just saw the new colors at  This shoe is getting a makeover racing style.


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