Week 1: The Next Training Session Begins

I have not trained in months.  Not since my marathon training for NYCM and West Palm Beach.  From December through February, I tried to maintained a semblance of a plan in order to do multiple marathons.  And I succeeded at that (with the exception of the last marathon, where I DNF'd after being diagnosed with a UT infection that left me with no energy).  So, I was looking forward to training again, and most importantly, to do some speedwork!

The races I've targeted are going to be tough.  They are in May and they are both usually at 86F with 100% humidity or even worse.  They are shadeless and they are not flat (at least the 10K isn't).  I am not looking for a PR, but one will be welcomed.  I am looking to have a similar semblance of pre-asthma times.

So with the races decided, I embarked on Week 1 of training, based upon Daniels' Formula.  This is a combined training for both the 10K and the 5K race.  Week 1 was a success.

This week was hard, as my asthma was acting up badly, mostly because of the weather.  It made the intervals hard and on week 2, it made them impossible.  But more on that on my next post.

6 Easy Miles @ 10:33mm
The first workout after taking a week off to heal from my infection was hard.  I could not find my rhythm and could not enjoy this run.  I decided to run 1 mile on the Pure Cadence (PC) and then switch to one of the other shoes on rotation.  I still have not liked the PCs at all, even though I've run two races in them.  They feel bulky and heavy and make my legs feel tired.

7 Miles with 5 (2 X 200m) @ 7:36mm / 200m jogs + 1 X 400m @ 7:36mm/ 400m jog
This was my first interval session of the year and I was so glad I did it.  It went really well with me being able to hit all the intervals without a problem.

60 minutes of Kickboxing / Weights
With my 60-70mpw workouts during marathon training, I had no time to do XT and it was well missed.

10 Miles with 6 X 1000m @ 8:36mm / 600m jogs
This workout was supposed to be mile repeats but, as I mentioned above, the asthma started bothering me around here.  I could barely breathe.  And, since Daniels also uses the 1000m intervals interchangeably with the mile repeats, I decided to switch it as an alternative.  I was glad I did.

The asthma was so bad today I switched workouts with Saturday.

4 X (2 min. I pace / 1 min. jog + 1 min. I pace / 30 sec. jogs + 30 sec. I pace / 30 sec. jog)
This is the first time I've done a timed interval session.  Even with the asthma, it went really well.

Long Run 13 Miles
My first long run was of only 13 miles, mainly because I wanted to start from scratch and take it easy.  43 miles in a week is nothing compared to the mileage I usually do, so it was perfect for week 1.  Since I had already signed up for one of my favorite races, the 13.1 Miami Beach, and the race is hilly, it was the perfect workout and long run for the week.  The Race Report is posted on my previous post.

Overall, the week went really well.  I was glad to take it easy but at the same time to do a little bit of speedwork.


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