2013 Chicago Marathon: The Marathon that Was Not Meant To Be

Yesterday, I DNFd the Chicago Marathon at Mile 11.  It was one of those days where nothing goes right, everything goes wrong, and you either stop and live to fight another day or push through and get injured.  I know I chose well and lived to fight another day.

I don't know what happened, except to say that by Mile 3, I started having more than usual psoas and ITB soreness, which turned to pain by Mile 8.  During those 5 miles, I debated whether to start walking and call it an easy marathon or just stop.  After noticing I was not having fun, I couldn't hit my pace, and I was in pain, I decided to stop.  I came to a full stop, got my iPhone out and called my husband to arrange a pick up place.  He thought I was kidding.

I understand why he would.  I've done 17 marathons, one after having an anaphylactic asthma attack at mile 9 and finishing the next 17 miles at a walk.  I've done marathons where everything has gone wrong and where everything goes right.  But I've never run or raced in pain and I was not about to start now.  That I could've finished?  Yes.  Did I want to finish in those conditions?  No.

My training has been perfect.  I am faster and stronger and have had no asthma attacks except one in the last ten months.  Can you believe that?  I am now running equal to or faster than during my pre-asthma running period.  The fact that the day culminated with a DNF does not negate that.  I am sad but optimistic that this will not happen again.

I have another marathon in two weeks and another after that, and 3 more before the end of this year.  Whether I'll attempt a PR or not, I am not sure.  The best chance was Chicago.  But we don't get everything in life.  It's only through challenge that we get stronger and we know what we are made of.  I am now made of unbreakable metal.


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