Michelob Ultra 13.1 Ft. Lauderdale RR

Today, I paced hubby at the Michelob Ultra 13.1 Ft. Lauderdale.  This was not the race we were supposed to do this weekend.  We had paid and had all our reservations made for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon in Orlando, FL, late last night.  We woke up and got ready and started up the Turnpike.  Suddenly, due to work, we were unable to make it down to Orlando.  As we headed back home thinking of all the cancellations I needed to make (hotel, friends we were meeting, etc.), I told him, since you are missing the race, you won't make the 12 HMs in 12 months unless we sign you up for another race.  Then, I realized one of our local half marathons was today.  Bingo!  I registered us at the store, picked the packets up, and went back home.  Although we were a bit sad we couldn't make it to Disney after all the expense, part of me was glad we did not.  The race had 90% of showers all throughout (it rained a lot) with high chance for thunderstorms and the race started at 10pm. We were exhausted from our Chicago and NY trips so part of us was glad.  So, we prepared for a race today, ate our food and slept in our bed.  Win!

We woke up at 4:30am to get to Ft. Lauderdale for a 6:30am start.  We got there at 5:45am and headed to the start line and potties.  As soon as we left the house and I tried to drink a Boost, my stomach said da fuck and sent me the signal that I would not be allowed to eat anything else.  I had cramps all through 7am where miraculously, they went away until the end of the race.  I also had nausea throughout but since I was not running at my pace, I was able to stand it.  It was one of those days....

We started promptly and headed outside of downtown to a nice section of Las Olas with wonderful mansions.  Since the Orlando rain had gotten here, the skies were cloudy and there was no sun.  It started raining at around Mile 6-7.  We were making great time until we reached one of the overpasses/bridges.  There was a big ass yacht coming and the bridge closed for 2-3 minutes.  At the time the bridge closed, we were trying to catch up to the 2:45 pacer (we started with the 3 hour pacer but left them behind at around Mile 3).  Since the 2:45 pacer crossed the bridge, this turned into an impossibility.

After Mile 7, we headed North on A1A and started seeing the 1:45-2:30 finishers running by us on their way to the finish.  I saw a lot of my local running group friends and one of my friends took our picture.

We are very soaked at this point, but fortunately, the rain kept the weather at around 75F so a cool day for us.  We could not complain.  We turned around and then we were seeing all the runners behind us.  We tried to catch up to the 2:45 pacer but she passed us 4-5 minutes ago so we just tried to make him to push without hitting a wall (he always slows down at Mile 10).  This time, he ran pretty even splits, with the exception of the first and second miles (slower) and the bridge mile.  He actually ran a negative split (he learned from the best).  This is probably his best paced HM, even though it's far off his PR (but doing 1 every two weeks is obviously taking a toll on the times).  We finished in 2:51 something when I was trying to bring him in at 2:48 but, considering the bridge closing, I think he did great.  At least we did not get stopped by the train, which the faster runners had.  The bridge was much faster.

After the race, we picked our medals and our free beer.  It was still raining pretty strongly so we headed to the shuttles.  And waited, and waited.  I have done this race four times and never had issues with the shuttles but I guess the traffic was bad and they had issues.  I said, the car is 3 miles away.  Want to try a long run?  He has never run more than 13.1.  We ended up doing 15.33.  Not a bad day.

Even at hubby's pace, I had to use albuterol twice during the race.  My lungs hate me lately.  Hubby noticed I was using albuterol every 2 hours (the effects go away in 1.5 hours for me while running) and he indicated that for races, I am probably going to have to use it more often (as long as the lungs are this closed off).  So, off I have more instructions for my next marathon.  Sigh.  I just hope I can stop having so many issues.  I am still congested from NY and I did not even run fast there!

Anyway, our next is Space Coast.  My next marathon.


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