The Star Wars Dark Side Challenge (10K & HM) RR: A Wedding, Friends, and Some Running in Between

Sorry for the delay in writing race reports! As you will see with my last report from the July race, there have been many surprises in the last few weeks to keep us busy here at home!

But, back to race reports.  In April, I ran the Star Wars Dark Side Challenge at Disney World.  Initially, I was to run only the Half Marathon with hubby, but after my friend Beth announced she was getting married that Thursday and that we had several wedding parties to attend to, I said why not do the challenge instead since I was going to be at Disney since Wednesday?  So, when Disney opened a few more challenge spots, I was ready!

We left Miami on Thursday early afternoon and I had the bachelorette dinner that night, so we barely made it in time for me to change and head there.

Beth and I are part of a group of wonderful women (Just us Girls) and a group of us were there to celebrate Beth and Shane's wedding.  But first, the bachelorette dinner:

Lots of fun!

On Friday, Beth and Shane were married.  We first had a breakfast while the bride and groom got ready, and then, we crashed the wedding, and I mean that literally...

We had so much fun.  And Beth and Shane looked spectacular:

The rest of the day was spent at the expo and eating great Puerto Rican food with hubby.  I had the 10K on Saturday early morning, and I was already exhausted even without running!

On Saturday, the Star Wars 10K was held.  I thought of racing the 10K to see where my speed was at, and I tried, but without any chance for a warmup run and the humidity being bad (for April, it was not that hot or humid, but more humid than normal), I had an asthma attack at around Mile 2, so I had to jog the rest of the way.  Still, I ran most of it closer to the MP, so I was happy nonetheless (and looked good):

(I bought the photo pass and am still have been unable to download the race pics from the 10K, sigh).

We had a brunch with the bride and groom later that morning, and I was surprised when hubby made it and met everybody.  We spent the rest of the day shopping.

On Sunday, I ran the Half Marathon with hubby.  After the asthma attack, it was for the best.  Unfortunately, when I packed, I packed the wrong lace top (the tank instead of the racerback) and the shirt I brought did not look good with the skirt, so I did a last minute outfit change and wore the race shirt, OMG!  Still, we did well and ran a good time for hubby.



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