Tapering Brings Me Another PR - But Still Short of My Goal

Wow, I cannot believe it's Winter. This race was HOT and HUMID in all caps. 75-80F and 83% humidity.

Short: Old PR: 1:01:24 (from last month)
Course PR: 1:02:08
Goal: 59:59
NEW PR: 1:00:20 

Long: I did this race last year and as usual is chaotic, hot, humid, and rainy. The only thing it was not this year was rainy.

As all of you know, I've been searching for that sub-1 hour 10K for a year now and I've come to believe it won't happen unless I move somewhere cold. We only have around 3-4 10Ks around here and they are all in warm weather (even the ones in November and December). But today, I wanted to give my all and see what happened.

Pre-Race: Last night I tried a new pasta. I wanted to try something new to see whether it would work for my marathon pre-race dinner next week. I am so tired of the same pasta for 18 weeks! Anyway, went to bed at midnight because DH wanted to watch a movie. Slept around 4.5 hours.

My neighbor was walking the 10K (apparently I inspired someone, go figure), so I picked her up at 5:45am. Race would not start until 7:30am but I needed to pick my packet up and I remember how chaotic this race really is. They ran out of T-Shirts yesterday so I got no tech shirt. But according to Chiqui74, I did not miss a thing because the shirt is butt ugly.

I went to the restrooms and then lined up at around the 9mm marker. At 7:15am I realized I needed to go again! Since I was supposed to meet Chiqui74 near the porta potties, I headed that way again and lined up for another 10 minutes. Before I headed into the restroom, I saw Chiqui74 and we finally met in person.

By the time I head to the starting line, there were so many people I jumped a fence and I lined up with 7mm. Oops, but there was nowhere else to go.

Mile 1 - The 5K and the 10K started at once (big mistake) so the first mile was pretty hectic. There were not as many walkers in front of me as last year and some people passed me but I was surprised I ran a 9:40mm at this point. I was soaked by Mile 0.50.

Mile 2 - The 5K continues with us and we head back to the coliseum so that the 5K can head back in. There was a water station at Mile 0.80 but it was too chaotic so I let it go. I definitely regret not bringing my own water bottle since it was HOT. This was the first mile that was longer than a mile but I thought it was because of the weaving. 9:34mm.

Mile 3 - The 5K headed back into the coliseum at the 2.5 mile and there was a water station nearby where I tried to get some Gatorade. I ended up stopping in full because the girl in front of me took the last cup so I had to wait a bit for mine. Even with all of that and the sun and the heat, I finished this one at 9:46.

Mile 4 - We headed outside the park through the neighborhood. I can feel the heat slowing me down but even then I'm giving it my all. I was pacing at 9:30ish but this mile marked longer than the others even though it was a straight line. 9:45.

Mile 5 - We looped back the way we came from and I continue to hold on for dear life. I'm tired, soaked, and dehydrated. I took another cup of Gatorade at the next water station (there were only 3) but that was not enough for the heat. Still, a 9:50 is good.

Mile 6 - We headed back into the coliseum and I'm really pushing my limit. Even then I was only able to run a 9:53mm. I had better paces during my half marathon last week but hey, it was 64 during that half and it was at least 76-77 on this one. So rock on.

Mile 0.20 - We entered the track and I put the turbo (as much as I can since I'm exhausted). I know I won't be able to break the hour but I knew I was close which is enough for me. I sprinted through the finish line and passed like 30 people (LTH, I did not notice if any were old, LOL) I crossed at 1:01:XX (gun time). Garmin read 1:00:19. Official time was 1:00:20.

Post-Race - After the race, I took 2 water bottles and down one in 3 seconds. The second one took longer. I went to the food line and this guy came to me and congratulated me. He said he was shadowing me throughout the race until after Mile 6 when I "went flying and left him in the dust". Nice! I met Chiqui74 and her husband and kid again, they took some pics (which may surface later) and went to my running group's tent. Had a mimosa (yay) and a banana.

Overall, I'm very happy with this race. I gave 100% today and never slowed down (just a tad). I know the sub-1 hour is in me, but I just need the perfect weather. Today was not it but I still shaved more than a minute from my last PR (from last month).

Now more tapering for my first marathon! 


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