Tapering Continues

Tapering continues and it's already driving me nuts. I did 6 miles yesterday. 6!!!!!! I have not done sick in months (except during my sickness days). I added weights and core because I felt like such a slacker.

Today I did my long run since I won't be able to run it on Sunday as usual. 12 awesome miles in 2:15. That's the fastest I've run long runs this season. I'm sore though and because I won't be able to run Friday through Sunday, I'm supposed to do 6 tomorrow morning. Help!


  1. Just wait until you're only one week away from the race, and you're running four and three milers! Then you'll remember what a short run really is. Ha! It's a necessary part of training, though, Damaris. Hang in there!

  2. Slow down and let the tapering work. You'll need all that energy for the big race. Good luck!


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