Doral Business Run 10K: Guess What?


51:25 (Chip Time), 51:30 (Garmin), Official 51:29
5th woman out of 35
2nd in AG
35th out of 145

Say what?


Today I ran the inaugural Doral Business Run.  A corporate run in my backyard (almost literally).  This race, and the day overall, sucked in so many ways, I don't have time to go over all the sucky things, but here are a few:

  • It started raining at 4pm and the commute home was horrible.
  • I almost didn't make it to the race (got there at 6pm for a 6:30pm start).
  • I never got to eat a snack because I only had time to get home and changed.
  • When I got there, it took me 15 minutes to get the chip (it did not come with the packet) and by then, it was time to line up.
  • I never got to warm up because when I started warming up, they called all the runners to the starting line.
  • They ran out of finisher's medals and I have to wait a month (if ever) to get mine.
  • They did not know whether they were giving awards for 2nd and 3rd on each AG (even though the website said yes), so I don't even know if I'll ever get a medal.
  • The course was not completely separated, so at some point in time, I had the winners coming straight at me, we were running and passing the walkers out and back all the time, etc.
  • "Water" stations were full of coconut water, which made me want to puke.  I kept grabbing a cup hoping for water without success. Finally at Mile 5 somebody gave me water and I was OK.
Best Moment of the Day: I see this gorgeous man calling me by name and asking me how I was.  So I said fine, thinking "I know him from somewhere, but I would've remember someone that gorgeous."  Then, he yelled, I'm your back doctor!  No wonder....  I may have to go back to the ortho to check on my back soon.

It was cloudy but not raining at the time we lined up, but as soon as the Anthem started playing, the rain started.  Torrential...with wind...and humidity.

The only thing I can remember of the first 3 miles was pain.  I've never raced in the rain.  In fact, I never run in the rain (except for 2-3 ocassions), mainly because we get flooding rain and lightning.  Today it was just a torrential pour, but at least it cooled the weather from 92F to 77F.  Thank god for small favors.

I decided to run by feel but still keeping my Garmin (sorry, Bob!).  I wanted to have fun but at the same time, I wanted to push my pace, especially since most of you thought I was really not living up to my potential, as I race too much.  Since I had not raced for more than a month, I just decided to go with what I felt likem especially since the temps were 15F cooler.

The course was a two loop course with one rolling hill, which we had to pass four times, at Miles 1, 3, 4, and 6.

Mile 1 sucked.  I could barely keep my rhythm and I did not like the playlist I had in my iPod (must rearrange).  I finished Mile 1 at 8:20mm which was too fast for what I wanted but hey, let's see if I can repeat.

Mile 2.  By then, I was thinking of LTH and not in a nice way.  I still have not visited the pain cave but I got to look at the front door and played with the doorknob.  It sucked too much, especially since the puddles on the road made my shoes go squish, squish.  Pace: 8:25.

Mile 3.  By now I was seriously debating whether to just turn and finish the 5K.  Seriously.  The rain, the humidity, the legs, were too much.  Since I never got to warm up, my legs were on fire for the first 3 miles.  But I pushed on and continued.  Pace: 8:35.

Mile 4.  Boy did things turn around.  Wow!  The rain stopped as I was passing by the end of the first loop, and all of a sudden, I feel like I'm flying.  Too bad the humidity went up like crazy.  By the end of this mile, I had passed 5 runners, 2 of them women.  Pace: 8:26.

Mile 5.  For some reason, I got my second wind, especially when I picked that cup of water when all I got was coconut water during the race.  The last female I was trying to pass walked the water station and I pushed and passed her for good. Pace: 8:21.

Mile 6.  I thought of LTH again and decided to push it.  I knew I would PR already because I was less than 10 minutes from finishing and I was in the 41-42 minute range.  So, I gave it my all, but I still did not open the pain cave door.  Pace: 8:20.

Finish:  I started sprinting short of the 6th mile and managed to spring at 7:38mm.  Not my best sprint but I was getting tired.

Finished in 51:29, which is a HUGE PR of almost 2 minutes.  I really had to look at the Garmin twice because I could not believe it.


  1. Love mile 2! LOL. Way to go, little lady.

    Oh, I think I need a back doctor wink, wink.

  2. Congrats on the unexpected new PR! :) Glad the weather turned on you (in a good way!).


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