A Great Run

As I mentioned in a previous post, I restarted running after illness last Saturday.  My chest is still congested and I get cough attacks in the middle of the runs but feeling better and at 100%.  I started the Chalene Extreme workouts this week to complement my running and they are super tough.

On Monday, I ran 8 miles and they went well.  One of the fastest runs in a while.  Tuesday was a rest day because I had to take the kitties to the vet.  Wednesday again, I ran 8 miles and they ended up being the fastest 8 miler ever.  Today, was no exception.

I knew I had a tough workout ahead of me.  The schedule called for Burn Intervals which ended up being intervals of cardio and weights.  Boy I thought Turbo Fire kickboxing workouts were hard, but they were child's play to this.  So, I met the running group with trepidation because my legs were exhausted.  I shouldn't have worried!

I started the 7 miler with another member of the group who runs 5-6mm.  He forgot his Garmin so he was unable to do his tempo run, so he chillaxed with me at a slower pace.  My run started tough because I started coughing and would not stop.  But everything worked out.  I dropped him off at Mile 2 and started to push at a pace that would feel comfortable but not as easy as what we were doing.  The heat was not that bad, somewhere between 81-84F so it was good.  I kept looking at the Garmin in amazement because of the pace.  You'll see the splits below.

The same runner joined me for the last mile and I was running at sub-9mm.  We decided to sprint to the finish and finished the mile at 8:38mm.  Pretty happy with myself.  7 miles in 1:04:43.  That used to be my 10K pace and I used to run 6 miles in 1:10.  Look at me now!

Avg Pace

Oh, and I took a picture of me today and you can tell Turbo Fire and Chalene Extreme are working.  Look at the abs:


  1. You are doing so awesome! I hope to be as fast as you someday. Nice that you had a running buddy.

  2. Woohoo! Look at that washboard. Keep it up. :)


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