Riverwalk 5 Mile Race: Another PR

Today I ran the 11th Riverwalk 5 Mile Run.  This is my first time racing a 5 miler, so I was wondering how I would do.  However, coming from a marathon last weekend and feeling like I have been all week, I did not think I would be able to get a good time so I was not expecting a strong performance.

Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had no energy at all.  It's one of those weeks with my energy at its lowest (women will understand), but I did not want to miss the event unless necessary.  I did 55 minutes of kickboxing last night and that made my energy go up, but I did not know how the night would go.  So I put the alarm for 5am and went to bed at 11pm, which is super early for me.  I woke up refreshed and fine, so all systems were a go.

It was a very nice race.  Hot and humid (70F-77F and 97% humidity), but it was a good course.  3 hills overall (Miles 1, 2, and 5).  I decided to see how the legs would hold during mile 1 and how I would feel afterwards.  So when I felt strong, I kept pushing.  Water over my head at every water station, a little bit of water too and push push push.  I broke my 5K PR by a few seconds and it was 20F warmer than my PR race (and I felt like I was having a walk in the park).  I would have also broken my 10K PR had I continue running, also 20-30F warmer than that race.  So, overall, I'm happy with my performance.  44:50 and 6th out of 34 in my AG and an average pace of 8:58mm.  Wow!

9:02 (this part was 1.05 but it was mostly because we met the 5K walkers and I had to weave a lot)  Pace according to Garmin was 8:42mm).

Next week I have a double race weekend.  A 5K on Saturday, at which I plan on shooting for a PR and a half marathon on Sunday at which I plan to just run.  It's hilly and it's going to be hot and humid.  A course PR will be nice though.


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