6 Days Post Marathon and I'm Racing Fine!

Today I ran a very small local 5K near my house.  The route was the park where I meet my running group.  It was disorganized, it had no markers, no clock, no chiptime, not even time.  The course was short.  I came in at 4th women overall (only the first 3 had prizes).

I had recommended this local 5K to a friend of mine and here's a picture of us before the race:

She ended up not doing it.  I can't agree with her more, LOL.

The race was disorganized as I mentioned and they had nobody at the starting line.  The "RD" say ready? and all the kids started running so we all followed.  The "course" was three loops at the park and a little bit longer but since I know this park like the back of my hand, I knew it would be short, as the loops are 0.95 each.  I did my first mile at record pace just to pass all the kids that started in front of us and were now walking.  My laps marked each loop so they don't mark a mile.

Laps (Average Pace):

Time was 24:54 but as you can see it was short.  Is this my new PR? Should I not count it?  This extrapolates to 26:30 which is a huge PR for me.  I don't know what to do!!!!!

Oh, at least I got a medal, like every finisher:


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