Ode to Running

I'm not running today for two reasons.  First, I have a doctor's appointment after work so who knows how long will that take?  Second, my knee is tender since Saturday so it's good to rest it from time to time, right?  However, when I don't run I get the blues.  Even when I do kickboxing, weights, yoga, you name it, I still get the blues because I cannot run.  What's up with that?

I never ran until 1999 and even then a mile here and there as a warmup for my real workouts (dance, weights, etc.)  I even stopped running for 8-9 months and concentrated on kickboxing and weights.  I tought my running was over.

That's when it happened.  The feeling that I was missing something I never thought I wanted.  Running!  So, I threw the reservation out the window and I started running again.  I ran outside for the first time in 6 years.  I liked it.  I ran 1, then 2, all the way to 5 miles.  Who could have known?  And then, I said, this is no longer difficult, let's do something more challenging: a 5K race.  Then another 5K race.  A 10K race.  Signing up for my first half marathon, then 2, 3, 6.  Signing up for my first marathon, then the second, and now the third.  The sky's the limit!  I wonder whether there are ultra races near my house.

I'm the type of person that's always on the go, doing something or other.  Yet, getting home and just sitting on the couch to read or surf the net just seems wrong.  I want to be on the road so badly!

But who am I kidding?  I know rest days are there for a reason and I should just take it, but yet I wonder: maybe I can do a quick 1 miler eh?  Especially in this nice weather.  However, marathon # 3 is coming up next week so I know I won't do it.  But that does not make my blues feel any better.

I AM A RUNNER! (A slow one, but still...)


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