Inaugural South Florida Fair 5K: A Good Ending to 2011 and Welcome 2012!!

As all of you know, I've been struggling with my races since I was diagnosed with the asthma and given medication plus a rescue inhaler.  My times have gone slower and slower and I have not been able to perform as I had in the Summer.

So, when I saw this race in between the WPB Marathon and the Disney Goofy Challenge, I knew it was the perfect time to do some quality racing and give it my all.  My intention was not to PR but rather to see how fast could I go with the asthma and how my performance will be affected by it.

I had run three 5Ks since being diagnosed with asthma, two of them in the 80s and 90% humidity and this one.  My times prior to today were: 27:16 and 27:36, respectively, both in September, two weeks after being diagnosed with the asthma and without the right medication for me.  PR pre asthma was 24:57 (Garmin).

I have to say I think this was a success, in part.  I, however, did a lot of things wrong.

What I Did Wrong:
  • Started Out Too Fast - After years of running and lots of races, why do I still do this?  Anyone?  I could've kept the pace had it not been for the fact that this course is inside a golf course and it consists of rolling hills.  Up and down, sideways, lots of curves.  Well, you probably think this was flat but for us Floridians used to running in elevation charts that look like a morgue's EKG, it was not flat, OK? 
  • Wore Too Much Clothes - This was unintentional.  It was 57F but 95% humidity.  My intention was to take my short sleeve tech shirt with me and switch just prior to the race.  Unfortunately, we watched a movie until midnight and as I rushed to get everything out I forgot about the shirt.  By the time we race, the sun was out and the 95% humidity made this feel a little less chilly.
  • P90X Workouts - I restarted the P90X workouts this week and I knew this was going to affect my race; however, I know this workout will strengthen my weak areas (core, arms, etc.) and will help me become a better runner, but this is Week 1 of the workouts and I'M SORE.  I compensated by taking Thursday light with no running and a lower back workout and Friday completely off, which is unheard of for me.  Still, some lingering fatigue may have been present today.
  • Lack of Sleep - I normally sleep 5 hours a day, if I am lucky.  I know it's not recommended for long distance runners, but I've never been able to sleep this much.  That, coupled with Hershey being sick for the past 3 months and keeping me awake when his illness worst comes back, mommy has been very tired lately.
What I Did Right:
  • Rescue Inhaler - The doctor does not want me to use the rescue inhaler unless I really need it (due to the fact that she switched my medication to prior to running instead of after), but I've noticed that if I don't use the rescue inhaler prior to a race, I end up using it throughout.  So, this time, I did my normal medication when I left the house and the rescue inhaler 30 minutes prior to the race.  I had no asthma issues and my non-PR was caused by bullet # 1, above.
  • Use compression socks - As you know, I've been having problems with my right foot, which bunches the socks no matter how slow or fast I go.  I used today a compression sock and that made me not have any issues.
  • Hello Racers - As you have heard, I said goodbye to the Adidas Supernova Sequences, as now I feel they are too bulky for me.  I've been experimenting with racer shoes, and these Adidas AdiZero Mana, are super light and perfect for 5Ks and 10K.  I am actually going to try them out for the Goofy Challenge during the HM.
This was a test of my mind.  I went into the pain cave for the first time and it was unsuccessful (for me).  I had to walked a minute during Mile 3 because I started out too fast and the hills in Mile 1 and 2 basically killed me.  I had the mother of all sidestitches and I could barely breathe (not because of the asthma).

But I finished with a great time for me, 25:59, my second best ever (even pre-asthma) and 6th in my AG.  My only disappointments are that I missed 3rd in my AG and a PR because I started out too fast, but as long as there are 5Ks, I guess I'll always do the same mistake.

The race was very nice.  West Palm Beach is very competitive and there were some good times today.  The races are always well organized and I even got a medal for finishing (I don't like those but since this one is the best I've received, I like it).  Too bad WPB is an hour away because I would like to race there often but it's just too much to be traveling and waking up at 4am just to get there with the number of races I do.

Mile 1 - 7:55
Mile 2 - 8:04
Mile 3 - 9:12
0.10 - 0:48 (7:15mm--I had no energy left by then)

Overall, very happy with my performance, which indicates my PRs pre asthma are not set in stone anymore.  We just need to have 50s weather instead of 80s for me to break them, haha.  Here's to a good running 2012!

Next:  Disney's Goofy Challenge! 


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