Saying Goodbye to Your Soulmate

For four years, I have been in love with my soulmate.  We've gone through a lot: 5Ks, 10Ks, HMs, marathons, and asthma.  But today, I had to make the toughest choice I've had to make in years.  I have to say goodbye....TO MY ADIDAS SUPERNOVA SEQUENCES.

Ha, you thought I was leaving my husband, didn't you?

Since I started taking running seriously 4 years ago, I went to the running store and got fitted with the Adidas Supernova Sequence shoes.  They felt like I was running on a cloud.  They got me through thick and thin.  All my first races were in Supernovas.  My weight loss happened while running Supernovas.  My best PRs (except my recent marathon PR) happened with the Supernovas.

I tried other shoes, I did.  But while they felt OK, nothing compared with the Supernovas

But something happened when I lost weight.  Or maybe my stride got better, or I am a more efficient runner, or whatnot.  The Supernova Sequence 2 and 3 felt awesome 5 months ago and now feel bulky and too heavy, and just too ugh.  The Supernova Sequence 4 now comes with extra weight (11oz) and, although good, it feels off.  I finished the New York City Marathon with the Sequence 4 and ended up with plantar fascia soreness for 5 days.

So, I made my decision.  My Supernova Sequences (4 in all) that have not been retired for high mileage were retired on Sunday.  I've been delving into the unknown by trying out Mizunos, Brooks, Asics, etc., and all feel great.  I put all my Supernovas in the closet.

The most surprising part of it was that I don't miss them.


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