RnR Dodge Latin Music Miami Beach Half Marathon RR

FE:  On Friday we went out to party and party we did.  We first went to the see the TransSiberian Orchestra's Christmas Concert, followed by dinner in South Beach, and party at Mango's.  Here are some of the pictures from said partying.

Here are the Goddesses individually:

@ Dinner.  There are no words.  Just remember, I am not sharing all the pictures that exist, here with you.  There are more, some more embarrassing than others.

Race Day:

We all got to meet Dana (zircardia) although I was the last one:

Not sure if you have not noticed, but apart from being model-gorgeous, Dana is tall:

And off we go!

Here is Dana and me goofing off as we wait for somebody to go to the potty:

After that picture, we saw some nice signs around the course, with this one catching the most attention:

Let me tell you that Rich was a sensation.  He never runs at the back of the back, and these ladies back there?  OMG, they had a crush on Rich!  He got comments from how well the view was, to you look like you're in shape, etc.  We actually got a comment saying: Nice Harem, from a driver.  Just a sample of the looks he got while he and his harem ran by:

I think the lady is admiring Rich while the husband is wondering whether he can take Rich down.

Here is us near the finish line:

Here is us in the after race brunch:

Oh, as to the race?  We were slow, we walked a lot, we talked to everybody around us, from volunteers, to police (our friend Shenandoah got a nice comment from a cop about her tattoos--and a show and tell too, LOL), to the bands, etc.  We had a nice time, even though it was HOT, HUMID, and WINDY.  We all got PWs.

I'm sure the others have more pictures to share, but these are the main ones.  Hopefully, they will share more!

Thanks for reading.


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