Shoe Review: Why the Asics GT 2170 Is A Better Shoe Than the GT 2160

I reviewed the Asics GT 2160 in a previous blog post.  Here is the review of the newer version, the Asics GT 2160.

This shoe is everything the GT 2150 and GT 2160 are not.  It's sleek, it's lighter, it's cool, it comes in awesome colors.  It feels like it's a shoe you can either run long or fast.

The shoe is 9.9 oz in weight but it really feels almost like a racer shoe.  It feels light overall.  I've used it on two runs, both recovery runs.  However, the shoe feels like you can run fast (I actually did some sprints with it).  It feels like it could be your long run shoe while also perfect for 5K or 10K races.  It has enough support to use during a marathon and, in fact, I am thinking of using it for one of my next few marathons and see how it feels.  Maybe it is perfect enough for my first ultra.

From all the shoes I'm currently trying, this is one of my favorite ones.


  1. Thanks for reviewing these! I started out on the Asics 2160, and they have always worked out for me. I was a bit nervous about switching to the 2170s (which will happen after my next pair of shoes) but after hearing good things from you (and other people) it may be an easier transition than expected.


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